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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Actually, no. The info was incorrect and the album did not chart in the 200!

    That said, the album charted on the following charts:

    #16 U.S. Billboard Top Current Album Sales
    #19 U.S. Billboard Top Album Sales
    #25 U.S. Billboard Top R&B Albums

    I find it mindboggling how crazy the charts have become! The 19th most sold album of the week (the 16th, excluding older catalog albums) doesn´t even end up in the Top 200 of the overall chart.
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  2. I stopped trying to make sense of how the Billboard chart works a long time ago!

    Even as far back as the mid 80s it seemed like America turned their back on Diana whereas in the UK we kept her having Top 10 hits all the way up to 1999.
  3. That is crazy isn’t it… really. Shame she didn’t make the top 200 but maybe there will be promo over the next year with the tour and as she feels more comfortable performing again to at least flow some sales through over time.
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  4. That really does feel so very wrong she didn't eve make it at ALL on the main chart. Hey ho.
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  5. Not long now until feel can give this a spin:

    Prefer it to the Donna Summer Christmas album from the same year (1994), gotta say. And when you look at the UK chart peak, #37, well Thank You peaking at #7 and spending at least 2 weeks in the top 40, not bad at all in comparison!
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  6. I love this album, but of course I prefer Wonderful Christmas Time from 2018, which includes several extra tracks recorded around the same time.
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  7. It's such an Ms Ross Christmas album, in the best possible way I think.
  8. Even though I love it, I still prefer The Supremes: Merry Christmas. That one is definitely one of my all time Christmas favorites (along with Kylie, Enya, Phil Spector, Cyndi Lauper, Tarja etc - and of course Wonderful Christmas Time).
  9. Slightly random question as I'm years behind on this, but has it always been the case that a number of the tracks on Supertonic were unavailable on streaming? Or has their availability recently changed? I can't find the album on Deezer at all. It was a headache to track down on Spotify, but there four of the nine tracks aren't available.
  10. I listened to the whole album on Spotify a lot during the few first weeks after release, but then most of the tracks became unavailable.
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  11. Thanks - I thought I remembered seeing it at the time in full, so it came as a shock that it was now limited on one platform and absent on another.
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  12. I use the Touch Me In The Morning remix regularly so gutted that it's gone.
  13. Yes, Supertonic was there one minute and then gone the next. Big shame.
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  15. Liking what they've done with this...

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  16. Most welcome this remix is too!

  17. This latest remix is totally fabulous. Damn I wish they got her to shoot a video for it.
  18. I love this one too, give me lots of 80s Hi-NRG vibes to it as well.
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  19. Love the production on this remix, very 1985 SAW.
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