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Diana Ross

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Now officially confirmed.
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  2. Turn up the sunshine, ya’ll!
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  3. Love the new track! It sounds like classic upbeat Diana but also very 2022 at the same time.

    It does make me wish there had been more tracks like this on Thank You. Hopefully it’ll be succesful enough for a rerelease of the album, if not a whole new one with more songs by Jack Antonoff and the like.
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  4. Yeah this new song is great, it does hark back to the classic Motown sound but updated.
  5. A very nice refreshing and yet quite timeless sounding track this. A welcome song for Summer!
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  6. Wow, this is such a cool song! The stereo phasing effects are a bit much, but it's great otherwise. All hail the new indie hipster queen!
  7. It's amazing having Ms Ross back after all these years-can't wait for her shows now!!
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  8. Oof I must be the only one who isn’t connecting with this one… I much preferred Jack’s work on “Thank You.” Nonetheless I won’t ever complain about La Ross gracing us with more music.
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  9. I wonder if she will perform Turn Up The Sunshine at her various Summer concerts? Guess would make sense.
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  10. Still really liking Turn Up The Sunshine. This and the Thank You album were both very good for me, hope another full album will follow in the future. If not though, good way to bow out in that respect.
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  11. Agree.

    Although with the last two albums having as clichéd titles as I Love You and Thank You they’re kind of screaming for a follow-up called Goodbye…
  12. Even Thank You sounded like a final album title too. Guess we'll just wait and see.
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  13. I was secretly hoping Miss Ross would sing live at the Jubilee, but alas....
  14. Oh I was wondering why she sounded so good! Is she miming it all? Eek.
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  15. Well, Chain Reaction was mimed
  16. LPT


    I'm delighted Thank You finally got heard by people other than the core fans - what a song!
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  17. You could notice it when Diana went from speaking after Chain Reaction to singing Thank You, but when you are singing live at these type of events you are at the mercy of the sound engineers.
  18. Yeah she was caught rotten but I’d rather she mostly mime, be radiant and enjoy herself rather than give disastrous vocals.
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  19. I thought the monarchy were facing their second Diana ending when she teetered down those steps in that toilet roll cover from Woolies circa 1986!

    A legend.
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