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Diana Ross

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Loved her performance, got goosebumps when "Ain't no mountain high enough" started even though we all heard it a million times, what a tune! "Thank you" fitted in perfectly as well!
  2. The moment I heard Chain Reaction strike up I knew she would forget the words.
  3. Oh dear. I wish they would not bother rather than mime. Last Cliff performance I saw was the same. And then there was Dolly at Glastonbury…
  4. Well, that was one epic performance by Ms Ross and by far the highlight of the night! Thank You being performed live too was most welcome and it slotted in very well between two of her all time signature classics as well as being appropriate for the occasion. They truly don't make stars like Diana Ross anymore.
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  5. She was fantastic!
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  6. Truly so looking forward to hopefully at last seeing her live in a couple of weeks!!
  7. ‘Thank You”, the single, is currently #18 on the iTunes chart and she has three albums in the Amazon top 20, including “Thank You”. Just goes to show what a great song it is and it simply needed some wider exposure.
  8. Perfect to see! Always thought Thank You needed a bigger boast and this was it.
  9. I just watched the Chain Reaction performance on YouTube and was thinking “what’s all the fuss about” as the vocal did sound live (and actually a little rushed in places) but yeah that last note where she blows kisses and says thank you as it ends…. Gives it away. A new pre recorded track.
    I am still excited to see her this month at long last. I do hope she brings the bops. And uses the stage more. (Don’t get me wrong I love some of her ballads but at a gig I wanna dance the night away too).
  10. I hope we get a few songs from Thank You, although the more classics the better of course!
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  11. Her vocals on the latest album still irk me somewhat. I know she is much older now and voices change but at times it just doesn’t feel like Diana…. My ideal setlist for the UK tour (with quite some thought given) would be (some will NEVER happen I know but a boy can dream)
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  12. Can I ask has anyone/everyone got their tickets for the UK shows yet? I’m seeing her next week in Glasgow and still no sign of tickets… I messaged AXS a week or 2 back and they told me they hadn’t gotten them yet… just seems quite late? (Or maybe I’ve just been used to E-tickets)
  13. I went for the E-ticket option (same show too as you)-hopefully you will get your paper tickets very soon! It's a horrible wait.
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  14. Thanks I don’t think there was that option when I booked (though of course that feels like 100 years ago now with all the pandemic related delays). Can’t believe we will actually see her so soon now - excited!
  15. I'd say your list is quite realistic in terms of what we will get. I'm going to see Ms Ross too next week but unfortunately I am a huge fan of her 80s flops RCA era - we are never going to get things like Eaten Alive, Swept Away, Dirty Looks, Touch By Touch, Shockwaves, Workin' Overtime or Paradise which I would love!

    I would imagine the setlist will be quite 70s heavy but I really hope we get UK hits such as Muscles, When You Tell Me That You Love Me, The Force Behind The Power, If We Hold On Together and Not Over You Yet.
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  16. I do hope she avoids wheeling out I Will Survive. Leave that to Gloria please.
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  17. I will RIOT if 'I'm still waiting' isn't performed.
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  18. Me too. It’s the story of my life ha ha

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  19. I'd be happy if she just plays the videos and mimes along
  20. I’m seeing her next Weds. if anyone sees her before that can they please take some merch pics and post, so I can mentally prepare for how much I will spend!
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