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Diana Ross

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Truly a modern day Ms Ross classic. Love all the remixes for it too.
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  2. Diana was great in Leeds tonight, and sang Its My Turn in the encore as an audience request. It was a great show, and she seemed to be having a lot of fun.

    Merch is just a few t-shirts, a small tour poster and the programme which is £20, but design wise it’s modelled on the “Thank You” album.

    My favourite bit was when she exclaimed “I’m 78!” And she’s still got it!
  3. 1 more day, yay!!
  4. I think I may combust with excitement at this stage!
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  5. Not the only one! Just hope it's a better crowd than the Pet Shop Boys gig, was surrounded by a bunch of awful drunk women, job public really can be a nightmare!
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  6. I am guessing all the gays in Scotland will be in attendance with their best friend female companions in tow. And yeah some GP there for Chain Reaction and not much else other than get pissed up and make fools of themselves.
  7. She really has still got it!
  8. Has anyone got any info on start and finish time?? I’m seeing her in liverpool on Saturday!
  9. This is for Glasgow tomorrow
    19:55 - start (support: Zak Abel)
    22:15 - end
  10. I have to say last night in Glasgow was joyous. What an honour to see a legend like Ms Ross live at last. I lived my absolute best life and seemed like a great audience doing the same. Neil Prince did the warm up DJ set and as always got it spot on. An amazing night for anyone going!
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  11. Indeed, what an night, and what an STAR. They truly don't make icons like Ms Ross anymore. You can tell just how much she loves what she does and how much she loves and appreciates her audience. Her voice was very strong too and faithful to the records too-she's always been an underrated vocalist in that respect. I have to say it's one of my all time favourite concerts ever. So glad got to see her in what will probably be her last set of shows or at least in the UK-thank you indeed Diana!
  12. Very happy that we managed to get "The Boss" through a request - didn't realise it was dropped from the setlist after the first show.
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  13. I feel the same. Actually privileged to have seen her live. I had goosebumps at times and tears in my eyes. What an absolute LEGEND.
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  14. Yes this made me so happy! My only grumble is I Will Survive when another 3 greatest hits would’ve fitted in instead of that long version with intros! But hey it’s Diana’s show and she is THE BOSS :-)
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  15. Indeed, she really is truly an STAR! I shall never forget this night. Beautiful.
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  16. I managed to get both The Force Behind The Power on CD and Thank You on vinyl this week when in Dumfries so that sort of made up for not getting to see Diana last night.
  17. Loved seeing Ms Ross last night, you were aware throughout that you were in the presence of a superstar and living legend. Surprisingly the highlight for me was new song If The Word Just Danced which went off live (as the young people say). It was great hearing all the classics too. They don't make divas like they used to.
  18. Discovered a new highlight last night too:

    From her 2nd most recent (and this and an couple aside not that great in my view!) album from 2006, I Love You.
  19. I agree. The harder drums/dance sound and it’s placement in the setlist worked really well. I am surprised we didn’t get the title track on this tour though too.
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