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Diana Ross

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. The omission of the title track of her latest album and song the tour was named after was baffling!

    The only other song I really missed was When You Tell Me That You Love Me which I would have had in place of If We Hold On Together.
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  2. That was the only real disapointment for me if had to really be picky. Only because though I adore Thank You so much-could well by my favourite Diana Ross song ever!
  3. I guess the “problem” with having so may hits/songs there will always been something missing. For me it was a couple of the Motown greats like Reflections and Someday We’ll Be Together along with Muscles and (of course) Not Over You Yet. I even DM’d Neil Prince to play it pre show but he isn’t allowed to play any Diana tracks unfortunately. I think another strong slower track is One Shining Moment. To my mind that was in heavy rotation and radio in the UK at time of release.
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  4. She seemed so overjoyed to finally be over here on tour again after everything.
    I was in tears a couple of times, but especially It's My Turn on Wednesday.
  5. I love It's My Turn! Such an Diana ballad if that makes sense??!
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  6. I’m Still Waiting and Do You Know Where You’re Going To? had me teary and there were goosebumps at several points. Music Royalty!
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  7. Total magic this!
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  8. Either she's doing the title track sporadically in some cities or it got cut in Glasgow very last minute. The lights out quite suddenly after "The Boss".
  9. Saw her in Liverpool last night and yeah she was fab but we didn't get an encore (ending with a 20 minute long I will survive was a CHOICE) but she sang the majority of the classics so it was hard to grumble.
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  10. She needs to retire I Will Survive. You have survived Miss Ross. Also it's not your song. Also you have 500 better songs in your own discocgraphy.
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  11. Agree with this point 100%. Gloria owns the song and is still alive and touring. Diana has so many hits it was a shame this cover was the main closer (thankfully she did The Boss in Glasgow as an encore) in an extended 20 minute version. Not Over You Yet would have gone off in it’s place.
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  12. Must admit, although I Will Survive is a great rendition by her, it would have been since to have something else as the true finale. The Boss or Thank You in my view would have worked better. Even I Still Believe, deserved something.
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  13. I was expecting 'When you tell me that you love me' as the final song. It's not a favourite of mine but as a massive hit for her twice it's absence was baffling.
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  14. That should have been there instead of If We Hold On Together in my view. Much bigger hit and more well known too.
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  15. She really must love I Will Survive to keep it on the setlist. I remember seeing the Take Me Higher tour and you could tell she loved singing it, and it was an extended version, so it got more treatment than her catalog of hits.
  16. I see The Greatest from 2011 has been re issued on CD. Surprised they didn't do a new Greatest Hits to be honest.
  17. Yes, it was a huge hit and pretty much revitalised her flagging fortunes at the time. I'm guessing the toll it must take to hit those high notes night after night determined its omission from the set list, though it could have been reworked to make it more manageable. One Shining Moment is the bigger surprise for me as that breathy mid-tempo vocal would surely be do-able for Ms Ross in 2022.

    Frustrating that they've not decided on a new Greatest Hits as well - I was thinking this may be a perfect chance to get her video's on a Blu-Ray or even a DVD.
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  18. I'd so snap up a Diana music video collection. All her videos on YouTube, are alas are not in that great quality.
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  19. Ditto, as would my mum - to have an artist of Diana's stature with no video hits collection is criminal and as you say, the very slim pickings out there woeful quality. Ms Ross deserves better.
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  20. Exactly, almost 30 years since this was out on VHS after all!
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