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Diana Ross

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. So many artists haven't made the leap to HD. It's a shame that videos are almost neglected now. You have to appreciate when Wham's Last Christmas or Roxette's Joyride gets the 4K treatment. Seems to be the exception now.

    And so many of Diana's performances, like her 1979 Caesar's Palace show, could use some cleaning up. The DVD of the Central Park concert was nice.
  2. Saw Mahogany last night-wasn't as bad as thought it would actually, rather enjoyed it! Ms Ross, was a star in it as ever and a total natural.
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  3. There were talks of remastered/expanded reissues of her 1989-1999 Motown albums a couple of years ago, when Diana was originally doing Glastonbury. Also two UK documentaries had supposedly been produced but put on hold when Glastonbury was cancelled. I wonder if any of those will see the light of day.

    Then there is also the orchestral CD coming later this year, looking forward to that.

    Has there been any interesting merchandise at the concerts? A new tour program for example?
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  4. I SO need those 1989-199 albums to be reissued! Wasn't aware of any documentaries either. Hopefully these projects haven't been shelved completely.
  5. We got her to sing When You Tell Me That You Love Me tonight!
  6. I’m so excited for the London show on Thursday (rail strike stress aside!) and I’m really hoping she’ll do ‘The Boss’ but either way, that back cat will pop off!
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  7. And it was wonderful! I loved every single second of her show, just hit after hit. What an amazing night.
  8. Aww, bet that was magic!! Personally, would have had that in the place of If We Hold On Together for the regular setlist.
  9. We also asked for Not Over You Yet (Metro mix) and she said something like "Oh you guys know that one here?"

    I don't think the band knew it though. I'm assuming they have a list of certain songs from her career they can do upon request, and ready for her teleprompter.
  10. 'Sing Muscles'

    Diana: Sorry I can't hear you? Did you say 'The boss?'

    Band kicks into The Boss.
  11. I cannot wait to see this legend on Thursday. Can I ask though, what time does she come onto stage?

    The rail strike has thrown my initial plans into the air and I’m dreading the commute from work to the O2, and don’t darent miss a moment of Ms Ross.
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  12. Top 10 hit here Diana, top 10 hit!
  13. She comes on at roughly 20:45-50, usually finishing at about 22:15-20.
    I would expect that the Thursday show might not have an encore after I Will Survive to allow for an early finish due to the strikes.
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  14. Interesting that she’s barely playing anything from the new album and hasn’t done “Turn Up The Sunshine” given how much it’s been on rotation on radio 2
  15. Yes, I was thinking the same thing. Shame in a way, as the new songs are rather good. Turn Up The Sunshine has been repeat for me.
  16. Her tour was originally centred around her Glastonbury appearance which would have been the classics. Although obviously she recorded new music in-between she could I guess have to chosen to perform more new stuff but in theory do a longer set (which I guess wasn't likely) or drop some hits (again a no no). So I guess doing one song was a way of highlighting she had a new album without sacrificing the standards.
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  17. In my view, If The World Just Danced, was the big highlight for me. Went of so well.
  18. I'm currently listening to this:

    Gets a bit of a bad rep, but this is probably one of her stronger 80s albums in my view, Chain Reaction is of course a stone cold classic and probably the sole reason the album itself made it to #11 back in the UK. Follow up single, Experience is rather lovely and a totally Bee Gees Production. And lead single in the form of the title track, is just a BOP and one of her most bonkers songs of all time. Shame it flopped most places. Other good songs here are Oh Teacher, Love On The Line and (I love) Being In Love With You. Crimes Of Passion, also should have been single 4 however, and more than likely could have given Diana an UK top 20 hit at the very least. A more suitable follow up to Chain Reaction than Experience despite how nice that song is.
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  19. I love Eaten Alive (the song) so much! Had I been down the front for the request part of the show I'd have asked for that, which no doubt she would have quickly glossed over! Odd it flopped so hard in the UK and US when it's such a great song with very prominent backing vocals from Michael Jackson.
  20. A winning combination all round on paper, and sounds it too if not alas in the charts.
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