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Diana Ross

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. I went to the show last night... ICONIC in the truest sense! A few flat notes along the way but whatever her voice was pretty fab for most of it (and she was entirely live apart from maybe the tiny first bit of "I'm Coming Out").... the costumes, the divaship, the setlist was one of the best I've seen on the tour. We got "The Boss" AND "Thank You" (sadly no "Where Did Our Love Go"). I am on a high!! Feel so lucky to have seen her.
  2. Glad you got Thank You-that song deserved to have been sung live every show!
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  3. Can't believe I've neglected this sublime piece of futuristic 70s Disco-until now! What an song.
  4. Never heard that before but I love it! It's on a par with Donna Summer's Working The Midnight Shift in it's futuristic disco sound.
  5. Ooh, lovin' the love for Lovin', Livin' and Givin'! It's one of my favourite! Late '70s Diana is really underrated.
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  6. That era truly is. And all crowned off too with in my view, her finest album of the initial Motown years:

    Just epic!
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  7. Ms Ross is on BBC iPlayer in 10 minutes!
  8. I went vinyl hunting today and I found One Woman: The Ultimate Collection. An instant purchase!
  9. Didn't know you could get it on vinyl from even back in the day!
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  10. Really enjoying her Glasto set.
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  11. Absolute banger.
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  12. Brilliant show, Ms Ross, star as ever. Nice to see a couple of other songs included that didn't have when I saw her too.
  13. At my first Diana show in 2011, I overheard an older gay bear saying he had this song title tattooed on his leg. Iconic, really!
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  14. This was featured in Thank God It's Friday, along with Donna Summer's classic, Oscar-winning song Last Dance. Love that movie, this song and the soundtrack. Bops aplenty.

    My favourite Diana Ross album. It's a shame that Hip-O-Select folded before they got to the late '70s. I think the self-titled album was the last album they did that got a physical release. Baby It's Me go a digital expanded edition. But it would have been nice to get a fully expanded edition of The Boss.
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  15. The Boss, is probably a better album than Diana for me. The iconic singles aside, it lacks something in comparison.
  16. She’s being slaughtered online for her Glasto performance - saying she was out tune throughout. There were some pitchy moments for sure but overall she was good! People saying her backing singers had better voices - well they are about 40 years younger so of course they do! I still think she’s doing a great job.

    Glad The Guardian have given her a 4 star review!
  17. I like diana but, even after Diana and Russ Terrana remixed it to make it sound less "CHIC featuring Diana Ross", it still has more of a CHIC feel.

    With The Boss, Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson really captured who Diana was in 1979 - a woman newly divorced, independent (The Boss!), and the songs reflect that freedom and independence, but also a woman who has been through a lot (I Ain't Been Licked).

    I've always loved the Ashford and Simpson songwriting and production for Ross. They really knew how to get the best out of her vocally.
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  18. I had a quick look on iPlayer and saw You Can’t Hurry Love and Chain Reaction. Her singing was as flat as a pancake.
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  19. I watched it yesterday and while there were some flat moments, she still put on a great show, in fact the songs from the new album she sounded great, she’s 78 years old and still delivering the bops. She crowd were loving it.
    Honestly social media can be such a toxic thing and just mean.
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  20. They're both amongst Diana's best albums, but The Boss has a warmth that's not there on diana. Ashford and Simpson were gifted producers - they did wonders for her on the Surrender album too.

    Surprised at so many people rating 'Lovin', Livin' and Givin' on here - it's a poor Giorgio Morodor knock-off. The original version from the Thank God It's Friday' soundtrack is much better (although still not single material).

    Watched some of the Glastonbury footage yesterday. Given all the glowing reviews of her recent shows on this thread, I was expecting a lot more. And she was out of tune quite a lot of the time. I get that she's 78 and this is following a tour, but still ... Gladys Knight is the same age and she can still deliver the goods vocally.
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