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Diana Ross

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. She was sadly out of tune for quite a bit of it (as was McCartney on Saturday, but at least we could hear Ross, whereas McCartney's mic level was pretty low). I can't see many of us who reach 78 years of age having the same vocal prowess we had at 68, let alone 28/38 etc so it's to be expected. Elton John at Hyde Park on Friday was the exception - his vocals sounded incredible throughout!

    I don't know why pre-tour they didn't bring some songs down a notch or two or alter the arrangements a little so that she could manage them better, as it was a bit uncomfortable at times seeing a legend know full well they weren't hitting those higher notes, but the crowd were willing her on and clearly loving it. She still gave a good performance and every single song is a classic, so I'm looking forward to seeing her tomorrow.

    I see The Greatest is being released on double vinyl in October - snapped that up straight away!
  2. “Thank You” (album) is currently number 1 on Amazon UK.
    “Thank You” (album) #8 on iTunes
    “Thank You” (single) #16 on iTunes

    Haven’t got a scooby doo how to find streaming positions, but I’d say yesterday by general public standards, was a success.
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  3. I imagine it was more obvious on the TV broadcast than it would've been in the audience, her vocals did seem high up in the mix, but, the main thing to take from it is that overall, she got a great reaction, and the media has praised her performance, the write ups have been great, and her new album and single seem to be getting a nice boost from it.
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  4. Fantastic that Greatest is coming out on vinyl, I had suspected as much. Immediate pre-order for me.
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  5. Worst issue for Diana's performance was that the wind was so strong, those of us on the left of the stage could barely hear her.
  6. I love your display picture! Tyra’s iconic turn in Halloween Resurrection.

    Sure the vocals were off but the songs and her charm just make it such a good time.
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  7. Fab news, believe that The Greatest is also currently #54 in the midweeks too.
  8. Sure, but we couldn't hear a damn thing from the speakers besides a little bass - had to wait until the audience sing-a-long spread to work out what it was!
  9. Oh sorry I didn’t mean that as a reply to you, I wasn’t there, only watching on iplayer.

    I only meant to quote your tweet for the display picture, sorry.
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  10. No apology needed!!
  11. Managed to get a brand new sealed copy of the quite hard to find Funkytown Grooves re issue of Red Hot Rhythm & Blues for just £8. Very happy, such an underrated album, as is much of Diana's 80s output in my view.
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  12. Saw Ms Ross last night at Lytham Festival and she was amazing. I don't know what Glasto was all about (nerves perhaps, or her monitor not working, coz I did spot her fiddling with it and looking to the tech team a few times) coz her vocals last night at Lytham were great, she looked fabulous and worked the crowd like the legend that she is in between a classics-packed set. Jack Savoretti as her support was incredible as always.
  13. At Glastonbury it was so distracting with her constantly fiddling with her mic pack, I'm surprised no else has mentioned it. She didn't seem very happy.

    When I saw her in concert in Glasgow last week she was much better. Glad I saw her before Glastonbury or I'd have been worried!
  14. Still can't believe Diana Ross live. One of the ultimate living legends.
  15. I'm so glad I got to see her. We don't have many living legends left. So good to see Diana living her best life over the last few weeks.
  16. Yes, gotta make the most of STARS like Diana, whilst we still can.
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  17. They don't make divas like they used to!
  18. Alas no. Don't think they ever will somehow.
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  19. Watch this video, interesting…

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