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Diana Ross

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. I really do like Turn Up The Sunshine, so this remix is most welcome!
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  2. Do you still listen to her Michael Jackson penned songs like Eaten Alive? Honestly what has surfaced about him in the last years make me very uncomfortable listening to material linked to him...
  3. I've never been a big fan of either Eaten Alive or Muscles. I think the rest of the album Eaten Alive is better than the title track. And Muscles is more of a novelty track in my opinion. Considering how much he supposedly admired her, they didn't work together that much.
  4. Whilst I have never thought much of Muscles, I think Eaten Alive is a good song.

    I think when dodgy people are involved in music, it does taint it a bit, but, a lot of people will have played on the records and not just one person.
  5. Eaten Alive is an very underrated and enjoyable Diana album. Chain Reaction is the big highlight though obviously. Rightfully an massive hit for her in most places.
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  6. I’ve been on a Diana binge over the past couple of days but have been struggling to find single edits/extended mixes/remixes on streaming. Is there a platform better than DEEZER for them? Any suggestions welcome!

    (It seems to have the most - mainly on its Soul Bounce compilations - but even then there are omissions; the Eaten Alive single mixes are missing but Experience (Special Dance Mix) is available. Even the Soul Bounce compilations are inconsistent, with vol 2 missing, which probably held some of the missing mixes. I can’t find Soul Bounce on Spotify or Apple Music.)
  7. Sadly, it appears that Diana's back catalogue in that respect on streaming is very limited. Apart from Ross (1983), all her RCA re issues from 2014 are absent on streaming/digital, which is a huge shame as they contained various edits and remixes. Hopefully this will be rectified one day though, very much overdue.
  8. Thanks, I thought that may be the case, but hoped otherwise. Deezer does seem to be the only place to track some of the mixes down, but it's far from comprehensive.
  9. Yes, needs a real sorting out I think.
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