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Diana Vickers

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by StarryEyed, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. This is definitely the best we’ve heard! you can make a really good EP out of the leaks. I have;

    1. live forever
    2. xo
    3. love letter
    4. perfect love
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  2. Live Forever is excellent. Would have been a welcome addition to the album.
  3. I jumped on this way to late but the album is perfect.
  4. "Mr. Postman" is such a rainy day song.
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  5. I listened to this album last night and it's just amazing, isn't it? So many gems and Smoke gets me everytime. I went to HMV's album signing when it was released and Diana was so lovely. Such a shame the album didn't perform better. I hope she'll return to music.
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  6. It’s the song I belt out in the shower when no ones home.
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  7. A Side B style release to go with Boys Cry would have been lowkey amazing. Demos to Make Gays Cry.
  8. Live Forever has been on constant play for me since it leaked, queen of not releasing a great bop.
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  9. Lyric Video for LIVE FOREVER
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  10. I love this song. So thankful for good demos popping up still when a pop career has died down. I still pull out this album when the sun is shining.
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  11. I feel like Diana can have an "indie-critical darling" type of career at this point. She won't be touching the charts but the gays, blogs and social media would love her. I wouldn't be opposed to more music from her.
  12. The last minute of Smoke just gave me goosebumps -whew! I miss her voice so much!
  13. Should have been a single!
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  14. Me too! The vocal production on Music To Make Boys Cry was amazing. I really wish the general public would have latched on to the second album as much as they did the first one. Maybe she would have continued on the Popstar route.
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  15. I was just thinking of her yesterday....

    She acts now right... Does she do TV? Anything good I should catch her in?
  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Both of her albums are so consistent. It upsets me we won't likely be getting another one, my all time favourite X Factor alumni.
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  17. Just theatre stuff to my knowledge, she was on a shit short lived comedy called Give Out Girls. She really shines in musical theatre though, she was fantastic in the Rocky Horror and BIG, her voice is surprisingly versatile. Not sure what she’s doing now other than looking like a total babe on instagram.

    Sadly this applies to a lots of her songs, especially from her debut. Boy Who Murdered Love and My Wicked Heart we’re terrible singles, I reckon Remake Me+You could’ve been big since electronic songs like Starry Eyed did well back then, plus I wouldve loved to have seen My Hip be a summer hit especially to see how cringe the music video would’ve been... I always found it hilarious that Diana having a song called My Hip, I remember 14 year old me assuming it was going to be about hip pain pre album release.
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    noooooo I loooooove that! Easily the highlight of the debut, but I hold My Wicked Heart accountable for damaging her commercial career!
  19. They could have picked better singles but I still love them both. Boy is quite lovely and brilliant actually. Although I love My Wicked Heart mostly so for the fact she got away with ripping off Under the Bridge and “Whoops, can I get off at Ealing”.
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  20. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Only Diana could get away with releasing something like My Wicked Heart and pull it off.
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