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Dido - Still On My Mind

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MacH, May 17, 2018.

  1. Dido has signed (May 8th) with BMG and will release her fifth album in 2019.

    It is only the second record deal Dido has signed in her career, during which she has sold more than 30 million albums.

    Dido co-wrote and co-produced the new album with her brother and fellow BMG artist, Rollo Armstrong, of Faithless.

    “Dido has the rare ability to combine an art sensibility and a distinctive viewpoint on contemporary issues with infectious melodies which touch millions. Her new album will be one of the music highlights of 2019.”


    This pleases me greatly. White Flag is still a pop moment.
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  2. Hopefully it’s more No Angel/Life for Rent/Girl Who Got Away than Safe Trip Home.
  3. Bloody hell I thought she had retired to Ireland for good. So pleased we'll get new music!

    This underrated masterpiece -

  4. If it’s already been written and produced why isn’t she releasing it this year?

    I love her first two albums. Looking forward to hearing what she comes back with.
  5. Look forward to hearing whatever she comes up with. There's always a handful of fantastic songs on her albums.
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  6. First Roswell returns and now Dido!
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  7. I've never been the biggest fan but this was a true obsession

    I'd love it if she would take the electronic experiments all the way and bin most of the ballad. I know they are her trademark but one can dream
  8. Yes please because we all love Dido.
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  9. I don’t care if she’s considered vanilla soccer mom music No Angel and Life For Rent were both such pivotal albums for me as a young teenager, and I really enjoyed the other two as well. Overall she’s been remarkably consistent.
  10. I feel she's unfairly pegged just as Sarah McLachlan is. Sure, they have some easy listening, adult contemporary songs but for every "Angel" / "Thank You," there's stuff like "Possession"/"Stoned." I adore the first two albums, and love moments from the others. Glad she's still at it.
  11. Love the first two of course, but I really loved the more electronic approach of the last album. More of that please!
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  12. I don't understand it either.
  13. Because it's Dido.
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  14. She might have personal commitments she needs/wants to see out, or she might be pregnant (or just had a child) ... who knows!

    More than happy to wait. The last two albums are among my favourites.
  15. Yeah it's a shame we are not getting anything this year... I wonder why she left her previous label?
  16. I know her sales slumped, but she's been consistently excellent in my opinion. Really looking forward to this!
  17. This.

    I know the 3rd and 4th albums aren't remembered as the best albums ever but I really loved them. And yes to the End Of Night praise. I love this specific electro pop sound they were going for and the lyrics are so simple yet effective.

    I'll have a nice little Dido day today.
  18. I too prefer her first two albums but I am such a big fan of "Don't Believe In Love". So heartbreaking and relatable.
    Looking forward to this.
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  19. I am very much here for this. Keep along the same lines as the last album and I will be satisfied.

    The aforementioned 'Let Us Move On' and 'End of Night' are both incredible.
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  20. Ray


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