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Dido - Still On My Mind

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MacH, May 17, 2018.

  1. You rang, M'lord?

    (Shouldn't this say Di(l)do has re-signed with BMG, as she was on a BMG-group label for the first few albums anyway, no?).
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  2. Girl Who Got Away is very underrated. Though I have to say her live performances around that time were pretty weak. Seemed like her voice was shot considering how good her live DVD is from the Life for Rent era.
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  3. I did not expect this at all. And apparently I am still not expecting it this year. I don't really get that. Still looking forward to it. Dido is not the most exciting artist but looking back her albums have been fairly consistent and enjoyable. That is one of her strengths I think. I have high hopes for this one. As long as she continues to work with her brother.
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  4. Saw this thread yesterday and decided to revisit Life For Rent for the first time in ages. Bought back so many memories! I don't think it's as strong as No Angel which was pretty solid throughout and there's quite a bit of filler and tracks I don't care for (Mary's In India, Who Makes You Feel, This Land Is Mine) but the big songs are still great. White Flag, Life For Rent and, in particular, Sand In My Shoes were all as good as I remembered! Two other songs really stood out and impressed me listening to it now though. Stoned, which I always loved, and Do You Have A Little Time which I never really liked that much but now suddenly sounds like a standout and one of the best produced tracks on the album.
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  5. Stoned is amazing.
  6. Honestly, I can't believe that she pushed her album for next year, I am so disappointed. Not only we haven't heard anything from her in 5 years, now she postpones album that is almost done. Recording is done, they are finishing mixing and to think that we'll have to wait almost a year for it...
  7. Well to be honest how many of us thought that she still cared? Also I have faith that she's not one of those artists that will continually push an album back
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  8. I imagine they've pushed it to early next year so they can get a couple of singles out and to try and build some interest in her return. Most people have probably forgotten that she exists or simply don't care right now, so they'll need to do something to get a bit of hype going. And if they release in Q4 it'd probably sink after the first week.
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  9. Let's face it, every new album that isn't Ed Sheeran sinks after the first week now. I predict a chart run of 8-96-out.
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  10. I'm not in deep with Dido but I loved Safe Trip Home, and anyone who can write White Flag and Never Want To Say It's Love has my attention.
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  11. I love Mary's in India. Works very well live.
  12. I loved that song as well since I was 12. I remember requesting my school radio station several times to play it.
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  13. Can’t wait for this iconic return.
    Hopefully nobody’s died so it should be an album of pure amazing.
  14. I have nothing substantial to add except that I'm psyched for new music. I know Safe Trip Home might be considered peak boring Dido (maybe hence a drop in sales) but dang that was - and remains - a quietly stunning masterpiece.
  15. I like Safe Trip Home. It lacks the big songs of the first two, but it's probably her most consistent and coherent album. The production is gorgeous too.
  16. I admit I bought Safe Trip Home 'cause I found it for just 3 euros back then, but Quiet Times became a favourite in no time.
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  17. Erm, Safe Trip Home was, is, and will forever remain amazing, thank you (.mp3).

    I was about to list my favourites from that album but then realised every track is a favourite.
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  18. Sand In My Shoes is a perfect summer song.
  19. Don't Leave Home soars!
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  20. End of Night is a fantastic song, one of my favorites from her.
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