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Dido - Still On My Mind

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MacH, May 17, 2018.

  1. Dido is literally the reason I fell in love with music and I adore all of her albums! My dream is to see her live so I pray there may be a US tour with this album but I'm not holding my breath
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  2. Now there's a black black blackbird in my chest
    All a flutter, and all caged in
    Wanting to break free with the wolves in my head
    Who tear at every wise thing I should have said
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  3. How many tracks has she featured on? I'm only really aware of One Step Too Far (which I love and hoped she'd do more of in that vein).
  4. One track on each of the first three Faithless albums, I think (definitely Flowerstand Man from Sunday 8PM). Then obviously Stan.
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  5. Ah, yeah, Stan.
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  6. Quite a few listed on her wiki page.

    I love this so much -

  7. I'm always a bit afraid to do this for any artist, as it tends to send me down various rabbot holes and costs me a fortune on CDs I never knew I needed!
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  8. I still love her first album, great memories. Still dumfounded that one of the best selling albums of all time was never made available on vinyl. Honestly, she could just release that instead of a new album, and we'll be cool.
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  9. She featured on the later albums too. "North Star" from their last album is a particularly good one!
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  10. It was released on vinyl. I have it.
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  11. Since no one actually posted it, she and Rollo released two random songs under R & D

    You can find them on streaming services too. I actually like My Boy.
  12. My Boy is quite good indeed!
  13. Indeed, my boy is nice. It's unbelievable how popular she was with No Angel and Life for rent then... Almost gone with flops !
  14. And these songs came out 2 months ago...
  15. It's nice to have something new, even if it's flown completely under the radar.
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  16. Well there was a 5 year gap between album 2 and 3, and it wasn't exactly the most commercial sounding/radio friendly album. I still think "Safe Trip Home" did ok numbers wise but obviously didn't reach anywhere near the heights of the first two.

    It happens all the time though. Look at people like Nelly Furtado, James Blunt, Travis, David Gray, Moby…all had huge selling albums at some point in the noughties, then the follow ups didn't do anywhere near as well.

    I'm hoping that will happen with Ed Sheeran but sadly I don't think it will!
  17. I still feel like Dido is someone who could come back and smash it with a no.1 album though.
  18. I've known songs since their debut, i would've shared them earilier, but i thought they were already shared. I hope we get few more tracks by the end of the year.
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  19. I still love "Everything To Lose" (and the remix too) and "End Of Night". Really hope we get more in that vain.
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  20. It happened for Rick Astley - 20 years down the line - so anything is possible!
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