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Dido - Still On My Mind

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MacH, May 17, 2018.

  1. It was so freaking emotional wasn't it? THAT'S why I wanted to go to the very first show. I wonder if it's always this easy to get to the first row..this was my first concert. Where have you been standing?
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  2. The show was perfect. It was my first concert experience so I can't relate it to anything, but it felt kinda intimate in the best way and the chemistry between her and us was amazing. Same with the chemistry between her and the band (consisting of good friends, I guess?). Her brother Rollo was also somewhere in the crowd. I don't know if it was just me, but she sounded even better and definitely more powerful live. I had goosebumps just for her voice! She switched up some of her songs with some little surprises. The setlist was great too, though as I said I would have loved to hear Still On My Mind and maybe one more song from Girl Who Got Away. My favorite song she did was probably Hunter or White Flag (it's been 16 years and she sounded exactly like the studio version?!!).
    Dido is just such a lovely human being, so humble and real. I could really feel what was going on with her emotions while she was on stage for the first time since forever. She really missed it and thankfully she got welcomed by a great audience with some diehards from Brazil in the front row. She interacted with us pretty well and didn't seem nervous at all. It was just unforgettable.
    They sold some T-shirts, vinyl and CDs in the entrance, but I didn't look closer.
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  3. I wa
    I was also right at the front. I had a big sweater on in blue and burgundy, glasses, and I was also the one who screamed out "queen" every chance I had to do it.
  4. Take You Home - Video
  5. aux


    How does this woman never age?
  6. I couldn't love her more. She looks gorgeous.
  7. She looks so beautiful... and the editing is so good.. but still.. I find this music video kind of boring...
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  8. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the Prague show and I just wasn’t able to sell my ticket on Facebook to anybody as there seemed to be absolutely no interest. Sad.
  9. What's a Dido concert like? Is it just her and the band then?

    Were they not aware that she's going to Brazil?
  10. I think she announced the Brazil dates one day after dddd
  11. Boring video. It sounds like they've dulled the track down for the single release — album version is far better to my ears.
  12. I think they added or emphasized the second voice in the chorus for the single edit. Anyone else?
  13. Why is she dressed as Sarah Harding?
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  14. Anyone here has been to the tour and knows at what time she starts/finishes?

    I'm thinking of going to the London concert on Thursday, but I'm wondering if I should stay the night or if I can get a late train/bus to get home dd
  15. Ugh, I wish I had got tickets now. I love this album. I hope we get a live DVD or at least a live stream or something on YouTube.
  16. I’ve been in both London night and what a show! I looooooved it! Her voice was great and she is amazing.
  17. I kinda want "You don't need a God" to be a single.

    Not that it'll change anything. Sooo
  18. I want a DVD
  19. Looks like she cut Chances from the setlist. I’d love for her to add Don’t Believe In Love or another new album track instead...
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    She recorded both London shows, so hopefully we get a DVD / live album in the near future
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