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Dido - Still On My Mind

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MacH, May 17, 2018.

  1. "Let Us Move On" is still that song.
  2. I wish she started releasing this R & D project earlier, we had 5 years of absolutely nothing.

    And these 3 new songs released this year are already making the wait a little less painful.
  3. Dido needs to come back. Randomly enough, I was listening to "No Angel" today and thought how she could score an Adele sized album once again.
  4. I don't think she can... All we can hope it for her to debut in top 10... She'll crash and burn in week 2 or 3...

    Her profile has never been worse. When she released Girl Who Got Away at least she was coming after an Oscar nomination and she had Sex and the City soundtrack song that generated buzz. And break wasn't that big, and market was pretty much the same.
  5. She should have never given away from "Everything to lose" for the Sex and the City soundtrack. That song should have been the lead single for "Girl who got away". That would have generated more buzz for that album.
  6. To be fair, I'd say there's been more music in the last 12 months which is similar to Dido than there was around the time her last album was released. By that I mean I think she could probably have a more successful era next time around because the music is once again coming round to singer songwriters with a message. Especially female singer songwriters. She hasn't toured for ages either and I think she could sell out very easily.

    Radio 2 would never doubt A list her and if the material is good enough I don't see why she couldn't have a big album again.
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  7. She’ll promote the new album for a couple of weeks, enjoy a top 10-and-out chart run, disappear for another 5/6 years, and we will all deal.

    In all seriousness, I don’t think anything she’s done in the last decade has indicated that she ever wants to be “big” again. Even the “hey I’m making catchy songs again!” album Girl Who Got Away had just two singles, and she hasn’t toured since what, 2005?
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  8. 'She’ll promote the new album for a couple of weeks'

    This would actually be the dream for us Dido fans. Correct me if I'm wrong, but her last album was released and we still didn't have video for a lead single at the time (it was released in the middle of the week), and I think I can count her promotion on one hand.

    I think she was seen the last time in December 2013, who knows how she looks like now, or what happened during 5 years break... She lied so much back in the day 'Yes I will tour', 'New album is coming sooner than you think', 'I might release Xmas album by the end of the year', 'No more big breaks'

    My favorite
    'No more 5 years breaks'
    *takes 6 years break*

    At least she didn't lie about that!
  9. Oh well let's just all kill ourselves now then and be done with it.
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  10. These new songs are...monotonous!

    Dido’s music entrances, lifts you into a sweet melancholic high and then brings you back down gently. At least, that’s what I experience every time I put on a Dido song. These R&D songs do absolutely nothing. She can keep them.
  11. Don't worry, it's not like they are getting many listens anyway.
  12. We know an album is ready and coming early next year so makes sense if a single or something is coming about now? Kind of shame that the logo is changing as it's been the same since No Angel.
  13. She could use a refresh. I love the colors in the new logo. Here's hoping the album delivers.
  14. Works for me.
  15. I wonder if she'll tour this time around?
  16. So, according to fans, the album is called Still On My Mind. She must be doing listening parties or something. I guess the image in the background - on stage between the presenter and Dido - could be the album cover?

  17. WOW amazing cover! I can't believe she's coming back! I forgot how she looked like
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