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Dido - Still On My Mind

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MacH, May 17, 2018.

  1. Oh good news I really hope so.
  2. This bootleg is insanely good -

  3. I watched her LIVE in New York City on Wednesday night and she was BEYOND amazing! I would love to get a high-quality version of her live version of Grafton Street.
  4. I must say I'm not really feeling this album aside from a couple of tracks but whew Mad Love is such a bop it took my wig and never gave it back.
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  5. Friends feels a bit pointless as a single even if I enjoy it a lot. Maybe because it was a pre released track and there are stronger ones.
  6. I hope we get some of those other songs she mentioned that didn't make the album soon.
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  7. Friends is fucking devastating to me.
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  8. The synth that seems to swoop in on the chorus gives me chills every time.
  9. Remember those three side project songs with Rollo from last year (My Boy, Cards, Together) and 2 recent ones (Summer Dress, Those Were the Days), well Rollo and Dido are releasing album under the name R+ on October 11th.


    1. Landing
    2. Together
    3. My Boy
    4. Clouds Like Islands
    5. Summer Dress
    6. Diving
    7. Ozzie Girl
    8. ...On Back of a Scooter (Fast)
    9. Those Were the Days
    10. Cards
    11. Teacher's Poem
    12. Look Up!
  10. Exciting news! I remember hearing about those first songs but that's about it, where can I listen?
  11. aux


    Summer Dress and Those Were The Days are excellent. Seems like the album is mixed the entire way through which intrigues me a lot too, consider me perched.
  12. So Dido will be featured on 6 songs, so basically only one new song
  13. Err wait what?

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  14. Deluxe edition on 15/11 with bonus disc


    CD 2
    1. Just Because
    2. This Is Love
    3. What Am I Doing Here
    4. Hurricanes (Live Acoustic)
    5. Thank You (Live Acoustic)
    6. White Flag (Live Acoustic)
    7. Give You Up (Mark Knight Remix)
    8. Take You Home (Undercatt Remix)

  15. Hmm. Not loving the track. There’s stronger songs from the main album they could’ve released instead.
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  16. Unexpected news about the re-release! I really like the new song.
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  17. She recorded enough to fill another album, so why only 2 new tracks Dido????
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