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Dido - Still On My Mind

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MacH, May 17, 2018.

  1. I loved the album, but this new track is dreadful.
  2. Not BMG releasing this like it's 2005!
  3. hmmm not sure about that new track, sounds a bit like an early demo.
  4. I'm LOVING the new track!
    It's so early Dido, take me back to 2003! Queen!
  5. "Just because" is growing to be one of my favourite Dido songs ever.

    Oh and her brother Rollo released an album today under the name R Plus and Dido does the vocals. Blisssss.
  6. Really liked the Rollo album. I cracked up at the spoken vocals in Ozzie Girl.
  7. Look Up! from the Rollo album is amazing. Look it up guys!
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  8. I'm going to my first Dido concert in three weeks and I'm so excited because I've been a fan since Life for Rent, when I was 14. I'm afraid it won't be the kind of concert you can shout out requests, but I'd love to see more from her early work.
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  9. aux


    I thought the setlist was quite well balanced, I really enjoyed her show.
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  10. the new song reminds me of this land is mine in some ways - like it
  11. Just Because has been such a grower! I loooooove it! Not her best track but it’s so uplifting and I love the build up through the song.
  12. Oooooh now I’m liking this Rollo album!.....is it mildly wrong of me to slightly dislike the album due to the artwork reminding me of the Hipstamatic photo app?
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  13. Is it wrong that I'm enjoying the Rollo album more than Dido's?
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  14. Adding the Dido-heavy R+ songs to Still on my mind makes it the perfect extended album.
  15. Last Summer is segued. I HATE segued albums!
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  16. How come?
  17. I'm just being an anorak but the songs don't sound good on shuffle or in a playlist with sudden starts and endings......mind you the Dido songs don't sound too clipped when played separately, could be a lot worse.

    Also the spoken bits are a bit annoying.....Ozzie Girl in particular and that love/lust bit. I may be having a bad day!
  18. I love Ozzie Girl - I was laughing throughout!
  19. so... no one mentioned the deluxe edition tracks?
    Just Because is definitely one of my favorite songs by her. This Is Love is cute but i understand why it was just a bonus track. Wish we got two more new tracks or acoustic versions of give you up and take you home instead of the remixes though.
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  20. I didn’t even know!! Will have to give them a listen ASAP
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