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Dido - Still On My Mind

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MacH, May 17, 2018.

  1. I really like ‘This is Love’ I have to say.

    Is this bothering the top 10 in the midweeks do we know? Has this gone Gold yet?
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  2. Seems a little pointless for a re-release. Had it been released next year with a bonus DVD of her recent live shows that would have been more exciting.
  3. Although this might be my least favorite Dido album I am glad we also got re-release and few new tracks since god knows we won't get any in a decade...

    Did anyone buy this? If yes, can you please scan or take a good picture of artwork for Bonus Disc because I want to use it for bonus tracks.
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  4. Has she given any indication as to what she plans for the future in recent interviews? A lengthy gap or perhaps a shorter gap this time and ride the wave of this well received comeback etc.
  5. I love this album but this rerelease feels half baked. 2 new okay songs? In an age when people release 18 track albums.

    She could have released a nice ballad in time for Xmas season to milk sales with atleast another 5 new tracks to sweeten the deal and to entice fans to repurchase.

    This feels like they not even trying.
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  6. Y'all. We should be grateful we got anything. Yes, the album did pretty well for what it is, but it wasn't like it was a monumental success. She also released new music with her brother, all of this after being basically silent.

    Also, this is easily her 3rd best record.
  7. It's at #75 in todays mids, very disappointing position, she might not even be top 100 come Friday
  8. John Lewis should have done a new Christmas ad and Dido could have provided a lovely ballad for it.
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  9. Has the tour done well? It appears that it’s done well. I’m hoping it’s performed well enough for BMG to invest in a second album. I get the sense that this comeback has been well received.
  10. The album was certified Silver the other week in there UK (60,000) so that's really really good
    in the current sales climate where no one buys CDs anymore
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  11. Just came here to say that Take You Home Remix on Bonus Disc is REALLY good. Feels like brand new song to me, very deep 90s electronica techno.
  12. I also like this remix. Very hypnotic!

    The Laibert remix of Give You Up is also great.
  13. I wish we got at least one remix of Hurricanes, it would've been great to hear that song reimagined like Take You Home in this remix.
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  14. She compared her career to when you wait at a bus stop but nothing arrives for hours and then all of the sudden three busses arrive at the same time in her concert in Hanover, Germany, where I was.

    She excused herself for letting us wait so long but now she has the current one, the R+ album and intends of follow this all up with a new album soon.

    That’s what she said.
  15. That’s excellent news, this album was so well received that I think people would welcome a new album sooner rather than (years) later.
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  16. What Am I Doing Here turned out to be my favorite song of the entire era!
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  17. Exactly. "What Am I Doing" remains a highlight of the whole era. One of my favourite Dido tracks ever. I'd have added the R-album thingy in the bonus disc as a nice extra for the fans to entice the new buy.
  18. Sadly the reissue did nothing and failed to dent the UK top 100
  19. I'm not shocked. She recorded another album's worth of music, yet only put two new tracks on this reissue?

    I've bought those as FLAC files and that's it.
  20. How many albums do you have to sell to not enter the Top 100? Minus 12?

    From a UK point of view did this comeback work? I took the album and run and saw her live twice in mostly sold-out theatres, which is not to bad. But I am wondering if it would be considered a success overall?
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