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Dido - Still On My Mind

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MacH, May 17, 2018.

  1. Simple but gorgeous album cover. Would look beautiful on vinyl.
  2. *Faguette screaming*

    I'm so going to see her in Europe
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  3. 11 dates in the US but only 4 for the UK?
  4. I’m scared to listen actually as her voice always makes me cry.
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  5. I almost fell asleep. I LOVE IT.
  6. BMG already doing great job with tour, bundles and offers. I just hope they also push her to promote as much as Kylie did
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  7. Hurricanes is quiet nice. Think I’m gonna have to get meself some tix to see her live!

    I really hope she does some proper promo this time. It feels like she’s not released anything since Life For Rent, I’m sure that’s what the GP think anyway.
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  8. Hurricanes is brillant. The production is lush and her voice is heaven as usual.

    Her voice brings me so much sadness though.
  9. Wow, that cover is stunning.
  10. Looking a bit deeper into it, it was a BMG event, and I think people there were industry types and journalists.
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  11. Hurricanes is lovely, starts off very dull but I love the triphop-ish beat that kicks in and the multi-layered vocals. It's really dark and electronic which is when she's at her finest. Stunning album cover too!
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  12. I like the song but she really doesn't want to recapture people's attention does she? I get that after the 2.00 mark the song becomes interesting but after fucking No Freedom being chosen as the lead of the last album, I hoped her/they would have known better.
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  13. This might just be a taster and an album track, with a proper single coming in the new year?
  14. She’s coming to Boston and I will move mountains to see her! Do we know when us presale happens?
  15. The bundles are a fan's bank account nightmare! So glad she's back!
  16. As much as I like Hurricanes I'm hoping this is the case too.

    Just from the artwork/visuals I'm getting more dance vibes (DIDOMDNA).
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  17. Oh my god, this horrendous Monday just became beautiful. Also Dido is one of very few people I still have to see in my lifetime. So so so happy she’s coming to Berlin. I’ll so be there. Amazing.

    The song is beautiful but Dido really doesn’t have many stinkers at all.
  18. I'm hoping that she will eventually use the more lively tracks of the last album as a template, as it was looking like she was finally shaking up the formula a bit.
  19. No Freedom still makes me angry. There was one stinker on the album and they had to go with that. Like what was that all about?

    Hurricanes is much better, when it eventually gets going, but then again anything would be, really. So I see your point.
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  20. Yeah it looked like bad judgement by the label. The public loved the midtempo/ slightly electronic singles; Don't Believe In Love tanked and they just went and released an even slower lead single. End Of Night would have been much better as the lead with the right promo. Oh well.
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