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Difficult People

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by truman, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. YAS at Matthew auditioning for Drag Race and reenacting the opening to Nocturnal Animals.

  2. Finally! Cannot wait for this to start back up again.
  3. I'm so happy this is returning. Remains my favorite current TV comedy.
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  4. First three eps are out.

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  5. Three episodes out?!? Wow. Hope this is a good sign and not a bad one for the series.
  6. Oooo...I didn't know they were releasing more than 1 this week. What a treat.
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  7. I'm screaming at

    the Woody Allen script/storyline
    in episode 2.
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  9. God I love this show so much. I love that it's so damn niche that it's too niche for most gays too.

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  10. The whole scene with Vanessa Williams. All of it!
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  11. Why would it be a bad sign? I'm working in a disgustingly humid city all this week. Now, I have my air-conditioned weekend plans!
  12. Not really anything, just going through episodes fast. I don't think that's the situation with this... It's just the first thing my mind goes to!
  13. Hulu does release multiple episodes at once from time-to-time (i.e. Handmaid's Tale). Don't think it means anything.
  14. Every time this show gets renewed I am surprised though.
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  15. It's so much better than most comedies getting made on TV right now though...
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  16. But it's a little niche so...
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  17. Oh completely. Most of the jokes only land with people who follow entertainment very closely. I do believe it's written in a way where people can laugh at it even if it doesn't fully land with them.
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  18. "Trish what are you doing in town? You know I'm still a slave to the cock right?"

    The scream I just let out.
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  19. pdf


    I feel Gabourey Sidibe is pretty underused as Denise but Cole Escola as Matthew is a total scream. His wedding hat at the end of season two was a delight.
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  20. I'm salivating for the episode where Matthew applies for drag race and uses Lola as inspiration.
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