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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by truman, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Just watched the first episode of season 3. Am I imagining things, or have the production values gone down pretty dramatically? I can't quite put my finger on exactly what it is, but the show looks a lot cheaper.
  2. I feel like there's music/scoring missing or something? I felt the same.... not that it went down but something was missing.
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    While the first two episodes were good, the third episode has to be in my Top 3 favorite episodes ever. I cried from laughter so much - they've really stepped up their game with giving the supporting cast laugh out loud moments. Matthew went from obnoxious thorn in the side with a few one-liners to a scene stealer.

    Lola, Marilyn, and Rucchel still are as funny as ever, but Matthew has come out as a surprise favorite for me this time around.
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    Double post but OH MY GOD LUCY LIU(!!!) I fucking cried, had to pause, and cried again.

    "I'm the wrong person to ask. I have to think about plane crashes to achieve orgasm."

    "Now, get out! I've got to Skype with the Boston Marathon Bomber about his new YA series."
  5. I haven't enjoyed this season as much as the previous two, but it's still non-stop laughs in each episode.
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  6. "I downloaded TheFatJewish's acting class and my iPad crashed. The guy at the Genius bar said it became sentient and took its own life."

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  7. I agree. I don't know what it is. It still makes me laugh so we're good but there's a spark missing or something. I don't know.
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  8. Jane Krakowski, Susan Lucci, Victor Garber, and Coco cameos and I'm only 10 minute in. Iconic.
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  9. LOVED Jessica Walters showing up.
    The scene between Matthew and Marilyn in the same exact outfit was priceless too.

    I am still loving it but I get a feeling that this season will be it for the show.
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  10. "Which means this is a me problem and not an us problem"
    "This Is Us is a big problem"
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  11. I agree, I'm enjoying this season overall but I feel like they've really dropped the ball with Billy and Julie's story lines. They used to be awful and hilarious but now its rare that both of them will have a funny lead story in the same episode. Especially Billy, he feels really watered down this year.

    I still think this has one of the best supporting casts in TV as highlighted by Matthew and Marilyn's subplot this week.
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  12. This week's episode really made me believe this season is the end of it.

    We'll see.
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  13. Episodes devoted to "drug tripping" is an abomination.
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    Yeah, I'm no longer excited to watch the episodes anymore. The jokes are still fun, and they even upped the game with Matthew - he's clearly the standout this time around - but I've definitely stopped caring about Julie and Billy. There's no actual progress, it's constantly the same thing: they're hunting for their big break, they come close to it, they lie and fuck it up. Realistically, you could've watched season 1 episode 1 and any random season 3 episode and think that they were in chronological order. Literally nothing new has happened since the first episode.

    I'll still watch when I remember to because they have a ton of hilarious material but I'm not in love with it like I used to be.
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  15. I have to agree. Season 2 is the best season with this season being the weakest. It seems like there's no emotional stakes between the two leads. Their storylines fail to really hook up together and both are on their own path. Everything feels so fractured. I'll still watch but it's just not at the same highs as the previous seasons were.
  16. I used to listen to Julie's podcast way before the show came around and everything in the first two series really felt like a distillation of her comedic voice and her ideas. But it feels like they don't have anything to say with Billy and Julie's characters anymore.

    Julie very much writes what she knows and maybe the third series would have worked better if they did start to experience success or if she and Arthur were to break up much like the events in her own life. It feels like something has to change, and a series set in LA could be interesting especially due to Julie's real life hatred of the place.

    But Matthew and Marilyn are still spectacular, and Lola still gets some great lines. The show is still good, but it isn't great. Which is a disappointment.
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  17. The first two seasons are perfection, and this was just disappointing. As mentioned, there just wasn't much to invest in this season. The jokes are still funny, the pop culture references fun, and the cameos well-handled, but there needs to be momentum for this to remain interesting. At some point, we have to be invested in the characters, and they haven't done anything to make that happen. Season 4 needs some shaking up or call or quits.
  18. I haven't kept up with the last couple of episodes. It's been so samey, though I like the addition of John Cho this season. I agree with everything that's been said in the thread so far, there needs to be some kind of momentum. "Awful people being awful" is a hard premise to sustain, but not impossible. Other shows like Veep, You're The Worst and It's Always Sunny have been able to keep their premises by progressing the characters somewhat, even superficially. It's hard to believe Arthur would put up with Julie for so long, but they haven't really invested that much in his character to make him more than a bit player in the show. In contrast, You're The Worst has made it perfectly clear Edgar has attachment issues that leaves him with no choice than to put up with Jimmy. But I guess that's never been Difficult People's MO, it doesn't want to be a character study as much as it wants to be a joke delivery system ala 30 Rock, which would be great and refreshing if the storylines weren't so stale and predictable. Jokes are about more than just good punchlines! A season set in LA and/or of them succeeding could be great. I thought Julie joining an Adult Swim-like writers room could have made for a good ongoing storyline.

    With The Mindy Project ending and no news on a Casual season 4 renewal (they better!!), Hulu really only has Difficult People as their tentpole comedy series. Though I guess considering the turmoil going on at Amazon right now, all the streaming services might be rethinking their strategies/success threshold for originals so who knows if/when we'll get more of this. Since Billy on the Street has ended its run on TruTV, maybe they are going to take a Larry David like break from TV to do some other projects for a while? They seem very self-aware so they'll probably be fine, but fingers crossed they don't Schumer it.
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  19. Yeah, the show needs to end with this season. It's lost itself now.
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  20. WILLAM!!!!!
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