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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Blob, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]


    (and why does it randomly have Garururumon's face?)

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  2. A bit shocking you couldn't tell, but it's actually MirageGaogamon and it's ARTPOP:
    The Ultimate wears a few elements from Jupitermon Wrath Mode:
    And for some reason has the color scheme of the Knowledge digimental and associated mons.

    The Mega borrows from Dukemon Crimson Mode and/or Grani:
    I suppose it's because they are all iconic types of armor and armor is his shtick?
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  3. Namco recently trademarked "Battle Breeders". It is likely it'll be the next Digimon Game. Curious what it'd be like with a name like that.
  4. , I shout to the drunk straight men fighting outside my flat on the weekend.
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  5. Ddd when I first saw the title I pictured something like that.
  6. They are venturing into gay porn now? They could just design more monsters instead, but I guess that's not the most profitable option.
  7. I recently rewatched the first 2 seasons and plan to watch season 3 when I have some free time.
    It's a shame that it became much less enjoyable from s4 on...
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  8. By the way, here's a reminder that the last part of Tri is coming this Saturday.
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  9. Can't wait. I really enjoyed It.
  10. Sounds like a mobile game to be painfully honest.
  11. We'll see. They already have a bunch out mobile games out/on the way but no word on the clnexf console game (save for that one is coming), so it could be a proper game too.
  12. So somebody posted what I understand to be some key quotes from some digimon novels by the original series creators that clarify some world-building aspects of the adventure universe that I found really great to read:


    That only leaves three big questions for me:
    - So is the phenomenon of eggs appearing in the sky in the real world in the films just the way digi-eggs appear in the real world? I thought it would have some extra significance.
    - What about the prophecy of Vamdemon/Myotismon returning/being resurrected? How did that come to be?
    - If the power of the crests truly lies within the children, how are the events that occur between adventure and adventure 02 interpreted? They supposedly gave up their crests/the power of their crests during that time, no?

    And as a side-topic, I'd still like some clarification about whether the dark ocean is a part/aspect/region/server/whatever of the digital world, or another world entirely.

    Also, reminder that we'll probably have the last part of Tri in a few hours.
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  13. Also, in case you thought we'd be spared after Tri ends, think again:


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  14. So we found out that Hiroyuki Kakudō (director of Adventure and Adventure 02) was hired to write the new continuation... except we found out because he announced he resigned, ddd. He resigned because the company wanted changes to the story he wrote that he thought would not fit, whatever that means.

    We have no idea what the story he was working on last year was, but now that another director is in charge, he apparently did not follow the same concept.

    Kakudo had mentioned in the past, that he wanted to make a digimon vs aliens continuation of Adventure and Adventure 02, which I personally think is a wonderful idea, but we have no idea if the story he eventually wrote last year was based on this digimon vs aliens story or not. And we will never know, it seems.
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  15. I finally watched the last film yesterday. I liked this new Adventure, mostly because I liked watching the guys and their digimons grow up (and I love the megadigievolutions of Palmon and Tailmon), and I lived for the Patamon's drama. On the other hand the new girl and Meicoomon's plot was kinda... There.
    I mean we get 6 films about them trying to save Meicoomon and make the new girl fit in the group and in the end the digimon dies and She comes back home ???
  16. New trailer for the ReArise smartphone game:
  17. Oooh, this could be good.
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  18. This sounds too good. At least you have an agumon partner to balance the good.
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  19. Some of those screen grabs look pretty great. It sounds a bit like the Banner Saga meets Digimon which I'm 100% here for.
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  20. I assume we are talking about these?
    Love them!
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  21. So excited for this!!!

    But do we only have the choice of Agumon as a partner? My gay ass needs Palmon so I can get Queen Rosemon.
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