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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Blob, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Excited for the new animation. Hoping the other kids get some decent amount of screentime and it's not as focused on Taichi and Yamato. Like, more of the three girls and less of the boys, please.
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  2. Yeah, Hikari in particular was almost non-existent in Tri, she deserved better.
    Disappointed they didn't let Kakudo make an 02 sequel series though. Since this new one is going to be a film or film series, it's not like they would be taking away attention from each other.
  3. [​IMG]

    Any idea which digimon is the one in the middle, bottom row?
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  4. I can't find it anywhere. Maybe it's actually a character from another game or a brand mascot or something? Or it's wearing a costume.
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  5. So apparently we are going to get the new designs of the entire adventure cast of digidestined (edit:just the 8 kids - what is an 02?) from the next series/film/film series by Sunday.
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  6. So here it is.
    They sure look okay! I like Taichi better here than that other preview we'd gotten before.
    I am kind of not okay with the digimon being more like props since Tri, and the fact that we only see humans here makes me fear that the same will be true this time around. On the other hand, Kairi got the prop treatment in Tri too and yet she's in this picture, so.
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  7. They did the good sis Mimi wrong with that outfit.
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  8. Exactly my thoughts ddd.
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  9. Better view from a festival display:
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  10. Mimi's outfit is a choice but overall I like them. I wish we could see the 02 group too, I still don't get why they let us see them for a second in tri and then nothing.
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  11. one to ponder over this holiday season.
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  12. Playing Cyber Sleuth and I just did the mission where

    The kid possesses his classmates, kills the teacher and makes his classmates jump off the roof.


    I love how jarring these games are. The neon pink blood splatter was a great detail.

    Edit: Oh wig restored. It was all a dream. I’m a little bit gutted to be honest.
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  13. Apparently a new dragon digimon is coming to the Linkz game at some point, and this is its first appearance:
    It's the one on the right.
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  14. An early poster for the new film. The true spoiler is the release date, ddd.

  15. So.

    There will be a new gadget in the new film, but they don't say what it will be for. However it was mentioned as an answer to the question of whether there will be new kinds of evolution in the film.
    They are still talking about the fucking goggles and how they are important to Taichi's identity. Imagine thinking so little of your own product's protagonist.
    They say that they wanted the main thing about the film to be the bonds between partner humans and digimon, and that their focus was on how to best portray those bonds.
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  16. I kind of loved this. What I like about Japanese creators is how modest and respectful they are and how they genuinely seem to consider the most human aspects of what their users expect, what the emotional gravity of their products is, how open they are to sharing insights to their design making decisions etc.

    I liked how Habu talked about discussing with Kakudo (watch this part here), notable Digimon Tamers fan and creator of Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02 and their two scrapped sequels *sob* about the nature of the Digimon World and how they will incorporate and expand his ideas and vision for that world with Survive.

    As well as the talk about evolution energy management throughout battles being a key mechanism (watch that part here), where you will need to gather energy from defeating opponents and meeting requirements in order to evolve and vice versa. Might not be as interesting in practice, but it sure sounds like it in theory.
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  17. I meant to ask... how does one go about watching the "new" Tri series? Is it a reboot akin to Sailor Moon Crystal? Is it already finished? Are they movies or regular episodes?
  18. It's a series of movie-length episodes. The episodes are not independent, it is a single story, and it is finished. We will be getting a sequel next year. It is a regular, direct continuation, not a reboot or alternate universe or whatever. We also do not really value it all that much over here.
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  19. RJF


    You shouldn’t, honestly.
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  20. It was kind of life draining, wasn't it. But much of it may have to do with following it real time.
    Someone who sees it all in one go might not have much of an issue with it.

    I still think it is unfair that they didn't let Kakudo go on with his series (presumably) concept just because we might be getting a single film two years later. What a waste.

    Also, not sure if we discussed before that the Digimon Tamers creator also wanted to do a sequel at some point in the past few years?
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