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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Blob, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Dddd thanks! I actually watched the first episode (I guess? It was around 20 minutes long) and I felt like they should have reintroduced us to the characters better. I had virtually no idea what was going on.
  2. You only watched one quarter of the first episode then. The series is six episodes (=movies) long, tagged as Part 1-6, with a different title each. In some formats, each movie is split into three or four episodes of 20 minutes to resemble the tv series format. I assume this is how we all watched it.
  3. We can submit questions to Habu for an interview/discussion here:

    I asked this:
    It takes a few seconds to submit your question, not a big deal. But I was wondering if you want to maybe submit the same question to raise its chances of being chosen? Or perhaps you have something else that you'd like to ask? Whatever works for you!
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  4. Some new X-Digimon. Much like mega and regional pokemon, I think that these are wasted for not being actual separate species. I particularly like Lilithmon, I think she looks much more like a digimon than the regular version. I also love Lucemon, but I'd rather all his wings were angelic as it would be more of an antithesis and would make for a good counterpart to his Satan Mode. I also hate how the demonic seals are embedded to their designs it's a bit much, and I find the DarkTyranomon design kind of messy, but still far from the worst X digimon. And it would be nice if we got a new Beelzemon design as well, this one has been around for ages, they only added the seal in front of his gun, boring. Love everything else.



    edit: Alright, this looks awesome too:
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  5. I like the X-antibody line but some of those could have been standalone designs.

    Cherubimon looks horrifying, much more kooky and synthetic (almost like something from SMT/Persona). What Digimon are to the left and right?
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  6. Left is Ophanimon Falldown Mode X and right is DarkKnightmon X. DarkKnightmon is from Xross Wars.
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  7. Ah! They really could have just made that mode an entirely separate digivolution of Angewoman. It's iconic either way.
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  8. These are all coming from the new Digital Pets that they are releasing.
    They have yet to reveal Ladydevimon X, Mephismon (Memphistomon) X, Vamdemon (Myotismon) X as well as two megas that will probably be evolving into/from one another and are supposed to be "cameos". Whatever that means. Could be anything from whatever random appearance from another franchise, some Appmon characters, or just Erismon's megas which is my bet (because the other two options are crap).

    Reminder than this is Erismon's line (it includes the baby we were wondering about in the previous page @soratami):
    Rasenmon Rage Mode
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  9. What a (set of two) game(s)!
    It's coming to PC and the Switch as a collection.

    God bless the guys over at the with the will forums, they got a lot of info for upcoming releases because of whatever festival is going on right now.

    The new Digimon Story game was announced-but-not-really in the sense that they said they are working on it, that it is independent from any previous titles and takes place in both the real and digital world which sounds cool! No other info was unveiled, no pictures, title, release date or consoles.

    Digimon Survive will be released in 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. They also showed more than five minutes of footage from it, not sure if it was a trailer, gameplay, a bit of the story or whatever.

    Also the 2020 continuation of Tri will be called "Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna". The bits of info that the guy who runs the site gave us was this:
    Also, that tweet that was asking for questions to submit to the games producer the other day was a huge success, with over 1200 questions submitted in three days, which the producer said will be used as feedback for what the players want to see in future titles.
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  10. So it's coming on February 21st, which is earlier than initially announced (we had a March date).

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  11. I just hope Lilymon and Angewomon get the screentime they deserve this time around.
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  12. Ddd, expect them to merge into a monstrosity once they have evolved.
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  13. I'm here for more of Queen Rosemon, though we all know it'll just be lots of Omegamon.
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  14. I can't believe they fixed Sora and Hikari's outfits and let Queen of Fashion™ in her awful attire.
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  15. I thought it was just me! We've seen her with that look before, no?
  16. Oh I'm not sure about that, my comment was just in regard of the very first teaser we got of the cast.

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  17. Oh, that's the one I had in mind too, ddd, sorry. I did not remember that it was art for the same film, I thought it was Tri related.
  18. So I don’t have to look to Sword and Shield for my childhood nostalgia monster RPG fix? WHEW.
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  19. The movie trailer with subtitles.

    It has also been uploaded on YouTube but it is region locked. Probably exclusive to view from the US, so I thought I'd share this one instead.
  20. I'm very much looking forward to Survive and the new Story game. It's great the Cyber Sleuth games are coming to Switch too, they're really worth playing.
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