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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Blob, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. My god why are they trying to break my heart? It looks really emotional.
  2. [​IMG]

    Mephistomon got a MAKEOVER. Phew! (I hate that it has no face.)

    edit: Also here's DarkKnightmon/AxeKnightmon and a close up of his X-Antibody variant for those who were not familiar with it before.

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  3. ddd I like how they made Mephistomon explicitly more feminine.
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  4. All this Digimon stuff is making me remember when I would save pictures of the cards of the DigiDestin’s Digimon, print them out of my mum’s computer, then gaze at them for hours thinking about how amazing they were.
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  5. In the With The Will forums we are discussing about whether digimon are better off considered technological or magical. We talk about whether one take is better than the other, since various media lean more towards one or the other. What say you?

    edit: The discussion started when in this interview (at this point) Habu said that he wanted Survive to follow what Kakudou said he considered for Adventure, which is that Digimon existed long before digital technology throughout history. There's people who think that this approach is not faithful to/best serving what makes the Digimon brand unique, special, whatever.
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  6. I guess I think of them as technological, since so many are mechanical/robotical, and also since Cyber Sleuth is my favourite Digimon setting, but I do think it's interesting how they can make the series work in so many different setting/scenarios.
  7. Aren't they basically data? Everything in the series makes me think they're technological. Obviously there Is an element of magic, but I'd day it's the prevalent one.
  8. Yes, they are the expression of coded information, but so are actual real life creatures (DNA). That is not something exclusively tied with technology as a concept.

    I think it is an odd debate, in the sense that even when digimon are supposed to be merely AI, still, the element of "magic" is inherent in a series where those creatures do not exist in a pc or in a network, but instead in a world of their own and even enter the human world and display abilities that are well within the realm of the supernatural. For me the supernatural element is stronger, but at the same time that does not negate the association with technology in the lore. It will always be tied to programming, devices and networks, etc so I do not see why it has to be one or the other. I think that the bits of the franchise where the existence of digimon is unrelated to human tech are just as valid as the ones where they are straight-up man-made.

    Here's a closer look to Ophanimon Falldown Mode X.
    I think she could do without the scythe altogether, but overall really great!

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  9. RJF


    I refuse to believe they'll leave the 01 kids alone after this adventure, despite what they say.
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  10. I've started watching Tri and I have.......questions.

    - They're really gonna cold open with the 02 kids being slain, and then never mention them? Why aren't Kari and TK worried about their friends!? Are they seriously going to retcon Kari and TK as being friends with the older kids? Nah. I've only ever seen Adventure 02 as a child and I enjoyed it as much as 01. The final story arch was kinda meh but I can't stand the hatred and in turn pandering to that hatred.

    - Why is the dialogue (in the dub) so awkward? dddd

    - Why is the character development so poor? They seem to want to push character development and interactions with the kids, but the writing and characters have the emotional complexity of a rock. The kids' reaction to Kuwagamon and their partners returning being "oh... :)" is so bizarre. Can I get some kind of emotional response from anyone? please?! A little of a urgency, perhaps? The way most anyone reacts to anything strange, horrifying, joyful, etc. is with complete indifference*. The emotional mute the kids are on is making me hard to give a shit. Also, Tai's plotline of being less of a child and realizing battles are destructive/have real consequences beyond his own experience is a great thread to explore. Except the writing team does not have the range to properly deal with it.

    - An extension from the previous point, why is everyone's characterization slightly off?

    - Why does every human have the same face? Why does Tai keep having flashbacks to a broken phone? This animation ain't it. The digivolution sequences thus far are really basic too, unfortunately.

    *Matt and TK very casually, slowly, and awkwardly canceling Matt's gig when they see the reports of Kuwagamon's destruction really stuck out.
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  11. RJF


    Honestly sis... stop while you can. Everything you’re having an issue with now only gets worse and they pile even more nonsense on top. It took them two years to get that shit out and that was what came out.
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  12. The most troubling bit is this. Why are you watching the dub? Don't get me wrong, the original is shit too, ddd.

    Bonus - Official Rasenmon art, amazing:
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  13. I could only find the dub available to stream unless you uhhh know something
  14. Hmmm, not something that you could stream, no!
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  15. Diatrymon in Survive confirmed by latest screenshots! Love it!
  16. So. This weekend, a crowdfunding campaign will be announced.
    Ddd, I made a list of things I'd like:


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  17. ^ Apparently LadyDevimon X's demon/familiar is called Vore.

    Did you ever figure this out? Pretty sure you are talking about Jeri/Juri Katou from Tamers.

    Also, this is very underappreciated:
    And here's something new:
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  18. We finally have proper art for the entire Herissmon line:






    Rasenmon Fury Mode

    Plus, we finally get to see the virus type MetalGreymon X who has a different design from its Vaccine type variant:

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  20. Omg why does Yolei look better than Queen Mimi??

    And are they going to talk about how the season two kids totally got the shaft for the Tri movies?
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