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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Blob, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. RJF


    Is that real?
  2. Will the almost 20 year old question of Armadillomon's mega form finally be put to rest?????
  3. I understand your reservations (especially since Cody looks like they simply stretched his original design) but yes.

    Maybe? But I think that it is more likely that their contribution to the film is something like "hey, guys, we are going out to eat, see ya!"
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  4. Can they give the 02 kids proper, non-fusion ultimate forms? And megas? And can have Wormmon use the Digi Egg of Kindness to digivolve to something other than Bucchiemon? (They won't and I'm expecting their contributions to be meek)

    I want to see GranKuwagamon and Valkyrimon.
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  5. Doubt they'd design new stuff for these kids even if we see them in action.
    I consider their DNA evolutions to be their standard evolutions as well to be honest, and it would sort of, kind of, make sense since those are forms they have already been in before.
    My choices are:
    V-mon - XV-mon - Paildramon - Imperialdramon DM - Imperialdramon FM
    Wormon - Stingmon - Dinobeemon - GranKuwagamon - GrandisKuwagamon
    Hawkmon - Aquilamon - Sylphimon - Valkrimon
    Armadillomon - Ankylomon - Shakkoumon - ClavisAngemon
    and because Shakkoumon is crap as the DNA evolution of Angemon and Ankylomon, they can retcon it into this, and have Olegmon as its evolution.

    edit: Of course, I would love for them design -entirely- new Ultimate/Mega lines for them though. Wormon already has Jewelbeemon-BanchoStingmon so it would only take the other three.
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  6. Considering Gatomon and Angemon can digivolve to ultimate solo, I think it's only fair for the others to have non-DNA digivolution ultimate and mega forms as well. I know not to expect anything from the 02 kids considering how tri is going (I'm trying to finish it but it's so bad). They don't even need to design new Digimon, there are a bunch of sloppy lines that need fixing and standalone/unfinished lines that need updating. Why is Shakkoumon's next form Vikemon in most media? And I like Shakkoumon, its design is cool and it's an inspired fusion (defensive armored digimon + angel = holy alien statue). They could, at least, retcon in the anime that Ankylomon and Aquilamon can digivolve solo. Ankylomon and Aquilamon are so butt ugly too, especially compared to Digmon and Holsmon ddd.

    My fan-fiction
    Veemon - XVeemon - AeroVeedramon - UlforceVeedramon
    Wormmon - Stingmon (solo) - DinoBeemon - GranKuwagamon
    Hawkmon - Aquilamon (solo) - Silphymon - Valkyrimon
    Armadillomon - Ankylomon Piddomon (solo) - Shakkoumon - ClavisAngemon
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  7. RJF


    Ain't nobody coming for Shakkoumon (the best looking DNA digivolution outside of Imperialdramon) when Silphymon looks like something that was spat out one of those generators that merges Pokémon sprites.

    Yuck. The DNA digivolutions were so... lazy in 02. It was like they realised they didn't have enough time in the season left to give the new kids' Digimon solo lines so just crushed them together for speed.
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  8. Armadillomon and all its evolutions shown in the anime is the best 02 partner digimon.
  9. I don't have anything against Shakkoumon's design, I only dislike it as an Angemon+Ankylomon evolution and I dislike that while it is a great design, since it is not directly connected to any of its "parents", there is no appropriate, definitive prior form for it. The closest it would get would be some generic holy beast like Goatmon, I guess. Or something like Gladimon, Arbormon, Mercuremon, maybe even Golemon?

    I agree that Shakkoumon was great in 02. Its attacks, alien shape, and cultural references were all brilliant, and I actually think it deserved even more airtime, even though it did prove its worth during the battles against Demon's gang.

    However in general I liked the idea of mashing designs together better, because DNA digivolution/fusion was, if I remember correctly, a fundamental since before the animated series or at least since before 02, and it was nice to finally, actually have digimon that had features from the original two creatures they were made of. I think it worked both in 02 (which is why I dislike that they didn't do it in the case of Shakkoumon as well) and in Frontier, and that Digimon as a franchise can easily support that.

    Then they went crazy with it in Xross Wars etc and they made everything look like a transformer or a megazord, fusing together billions of different creatures becoming legs, arms, weapons, etc and they conveniently didn't bother to make proper evolution lines for their new creatures instead and made the whole point of the series a quest for how many more creatures they will fuse in the next episode.
  10. I can't believe I owned this hideous HIDEOUS toy:

  11. It looks fine and all that, but it just made me realize how lifeless and plain the new designs feel in general. Ken in particular, while fine and well-dressed, still look like he could be a passing character in the background of any anime.
  12. I didn't realize that Last Evolution was a separate entity from tri and has all the DigiDestined as adults.
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  13. If it has no direct Tri references we can pretend Tri didn't even happen!
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  14. We are finally getting this. I wonder if it's any good. The dialogue looks crap. Same with the translation, I guess. BUT. We are getting a Pumpkinmon mega!

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  15. Wait, this looks like it's supposed to be an animated outfit with a corpse in it:

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  16. There's a preregistration page for ReArise that says there will be bonuses for people who preregister based on the amount of subscribers and they've already reached the first goal.
    I think the game won't be anything particularly interesting or good, but why not start with a bunch of bonuses anyway, eh?
  17. [​IMG]
    Angewomon X. She looks amazing, "should have been a regular mega evolution instead" grade.

    edit: Higher quality:
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  18. [​IMG]
    You'd think this beauty is actually Siesamon's mega (assuming Caturamon is its Ultimate) but, no, it's his X-Antibody form. Monster capture games stop burning through designs and concepts for the sake of pointless variants challenge..

    Reminder that this is the evolution line of regular Siesamon (which lacks a mega)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Labramon, its rookie stage, is one of the digimon of the three protagonists in the upcoming game, Digimon Survive.
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  19. So with little fanfare, Cyber Sleuth and Hacker’s Memory have been released on the Switch.

    I’m hesitant to pick it up at full price considering I’ve bought them both at full price in the past so I’ll wait for a price drop before I pick it up again. I’m very excited to dive back into the games, especially on the Switch which is a dream console for this kind of RPG.
  20. Ouuu I'm gonna pick them up before Pokemon drops.
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