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Dinah Jane - Singles & Dinah Jane 1

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AbCF15, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. Apologies if this thread has been made already but couldn't find any when searching. If it has, then hopefully a mod can merge the post for me.

    Dinah has officially started teasing her first solo venture:

    She's also started retweeting fans saying "DJ1isComing", has blacked out her social media and has the Twitter header "ain't nobody safe."
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  2. That picture/lyric are giving me



    My curiosity has definitely been piqued. Hope Dinah comes through with a banger.
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  3. Kill me a bit.
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  4. Looks like she's going to be the one who sticks most closely to the Fifth Harmony sound.

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  5. Rob


    Second song sounds like a bop.
  6. Kinda love how they all get shots.
  7. During X Factor days, I always though Dinah was gonna be the star of the group so i'm praying she can sing for 3 minutes without her lungs collapsing.

    This is your time sis, fuck it up.
  8. She's got one of my favourite voices ever so I'm praying she comes out with amazing material. So far, those songs sound nice, very 5H.
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  9. Signing with LA Reid though

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  10. It was probably this or no deal.
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  11. Debut single Oxygen Tank is a bop.
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  12. Hope it doesn't require choreography otherwise it'll be her debut and only single x
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  13. I love Dinah Jane. She was my favourite since the X-Factor days and I really hope she enjoys some success. The snippets of tracks sound amazing.
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  14. Looks like she's got herself some veneers.
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  15. The true underrated member and dark horse of Fifth Harmony imo . I’m excited for her solo music !
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  16. I am HERE for this.
  17. Work From Home 2 confirmed.
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