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Dinah Jane - Singles & Dinah Jane 1

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AbCF15, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. *sends link*
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  2. I do like the EP... and I like that is has a live/jam session vibe... but it still feels a bit, um, crusty.
  3. I’m sorry but she needs a STYLIST ASAP.
  4. I like that outfit.
  5. Same. Love the pastel 90s feel.
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  6. this was nice
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  7. a LOOK.
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  8. she put this out today

    it's lowkey nice. I like her music the most out of the 5H girls...
  9. Not Ms. Dinah Jane becoming my second-fave girl out of Fifth Harmony!
  10. It's not as if the competition for second place is particularly fierce.

    And let's talk when Dinah has ha self a Havana
  11. Havana is a bop but putting Camila over Queen Normani is a choice.
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  12. I was implying that Camila has #2 locked down for now hun
  13. Ah that makes more sense.
  14. Dinah has always had unlocked and bags of potential I’m glad she’s slowly starting to show it !
  15. I like her music the most of all five of the girls, but "Never Be the Same" is such a beautiful song alone.
  16. Retrograde is a bopppppppppP but kinda faceless.
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  17. Normani's songs have been pretty good by 5th Harmony solo project standards, but I'd put Camila over Normani material wise for Havana alone.
  18. Retrograde is low key my favourite post-5H release this year.
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  19. Havana is great and Camila has a handful of other good-to-great songs, but as an overall package I still think Normani is superior. Every song she's put out so far has been fire and I prefer her voice to Camila's tenfold.

    But back to Dinah.
  20. Heard It All Before is a tune and a half, would've been a hit in the early noughties. Sounds like a classic.
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