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Dinah Jane - Singles & Dinah Jane 1

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AbCF15, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. She's so cute.
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  2. Sounds summery!
  3. why include a beautiful and huge sounding strings opening just for the strings to never appear again...

    nice track tho

  4. It sounds as if Dinah was the feature
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  5. Dinah really should be having this buzz and hype around her like Normani and Camila. I'm happy for the other girls because they're playing to their strengths and killing it (Normani and choreography, Camila and the Latin vibes) but Dinah's releases so far are lacking in that personality for me. She was probably the best all rounder in the group and her vocals could be insane at times but ugh, it's so annoying seeing her struggle so far.

    Come on Dinah!
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  6. It's just the sad reality in any group you'll be lucky to get 1 or on the very rare occasion 2 artists who manage to break out and have successful solo careers. Normani and Camila seem to be pulling it off mainly because they're tapping into 2 completely different markets as you said.

    I'd love to see 5th Harmony overcome that common dilemma and manage to get 3 standouts. We'll see.
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  7. In my personal opinion, I think the only problem here is to find 'a sound' for her. Her releases have been pretty faceless. Dinah deserves stardom.
  8. Her sound is basically Fifth Harmony. Which is great, except that they had trouble scoring a hit as an established 5/4 piece, so for a newly emerging solo artist it's pretty much a losing battle.
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  10. But she doesn't have star quality as an individual. She doesn't have that charisma necessary to break out. Some girls shine in a group but not out of it and she's one of them. So does she really deserve stardom?
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  11. I haven't really checked for Dinah's solo stuff compared to the other 5H gorls, but SZNs is such a cute little jam. It waits to be be seen if she gets a proper solo popstar push like Camilla and Normani have received, but this is nice.
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  12. They played Heard It All Before before Ariana and I was bopping and the security told me 'daymmm you got moves'.
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  13. I’ve really enjoyed Dinah’s solo music so far and her output is my second favorite (after Normani’s), but she’s not a star for me. She still has some solid bops, though, and I’m ready for more.
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  14. I get it and maybe you're right, but her voice is amazing and her tone is easily identifiable, she's gorgeous, and also a really good dancer. Dinah may not be ready for ~a big pop girl moment~ yet like Camila or Normani, but yes, I still think she deserves stardom, at least at some level. There's plenty of talent and potential here. She needs the right material and the right people around her.
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  15. 3:09 in this video onwards shows what can happen when she was actually given decent parts on a song for once. Also her singing Ty's rap on the Work From Home performances. This girl can sing and Bottled Up did not do her any justice at all.

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  16. She's definitely got IT. She was my fave voice in 5H and she can dance. She just needs the material and the push Normani's getting. I'm not saying she has Normani's charisma, but she could be big if she had the support as well.
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  17. Dinah is supporting A Boogie Wit da Hoodie at Brixton Academy on 21 and 23 October 2019, for those who might want to see her live in the UK.
  18. She's rumoured for X Factor All Stars....
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