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Dionne Warwick

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Rich T, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. She's such a skilled singer that she manages to skirt around all of her vocal limitations but going down the octave every time you have to hit a high note isn't ideal.
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  2. I just feel so sorry for her, that her songs were covered by other artists before she had a chance to promote them outside of the U.S. She should have been respected more by her white contemporaries.
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  3. Her sister Dee Dee was also a great singer and worth checking out.

    This is a good one...
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  4. I also heard some great songs by her but eventually got this album in a flea market and didn't enjoy it.
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  5. Dionne is touring the UK in 2018.
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  6. Entertainment Weekly recently posted an interview with Barry Gibb about his demo of the song Grease from the film featuring the same title. During the interview, he talks about Frankie Valli singing the song and wondering if Valli would like it. But he also mentions Dionne and it seems she didn't like Heartbreaker.

    Are you excited to have people hear this demo?
    No, not particularly. I’d just rather people enjoy the film as a whole. It was a small thing on my part to come up with that song. I think Robert [Stigwood] loved it, but [Grease producer] Allan Carr was in doubt. But that’s the story of my life. I went through situations with Dionne Warwick, where she didn’t particularly like “Heartbreaker” very much. I’ve been through that situation with Barbra Streisand, where the artist doesn’t necessarily embrace the song as much as you are embracing it giving it to her. But you have to deal with that. That’s a songwriter. I had to convince Dionne Warwick to sing that song. I didn’t have to convince Frankie Valli to sing “Grease”.
  7. It's the story of the world though, you are "selling" a product: not everyone is going to love it, you might know better, you might have to persuade them, they might come around and be (glad to be) proven wrong.
    I'm not the biggest fan of post-Scepter Dionne myself, but love the Gibb's songs for Barbra especially, that album is a stunner.
    I was listening to a two-disc retrospective of Dionne just the other day and I'm always blown away. She should be celebrated (more)!
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  8. Oh, for sure, but when I listen to Heartbreaker, it does seem tailor-made for Dionne. It's hard to believe she didn't like it. But definitely in the case of Guilty, I wonder what songs Barbra didn't care for? All those songs fit Barbra to a T.

    And I completely agree that Dionne should be celebrated more. I think her songs with Bacharach and Davis are as good as the '60s Motown classics and the Beatles.
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  11. Dionne is back with her second Christmas album, called "Dionne Warwick and the Voices of Christmas". My favourite is her solo number "Silent Night" but her duet with Johnny Mathis is cute as well...Still prefer her first Xmas related album, "My favourite time of the year"
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  12. Im a huge Dionne fan, but I can honestly say I haven't enjoyed anything from Her post Arista recordings, Her voice is now sadly a shadow of what it was, some of the reviews of Her last UK tour were brutal,
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  13. 30th anniversary today for "Dionne Warwick sings Cole Porter"! Not my fav album of hers, but it does contain some great renditions, including "Night and day", "I love Paris" and "Anything Goes" by Mr. Porter!

  14. I just bought this CD a few days ago. Never heard it but I´ll give it a spin soon.
  15. Has anyone been following Dionne on Twitter lately? Absolutely hysterical. She posted that she can spot the titles of playlists she's been added to and the back and forth with fans is hilarious.

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  16. Dionne will be celebrating her 80th birthday on December 12th.

    BBC Four will be showing a couple of programmes on Friday December 11th from 10pm....

    10pm:Dionne Warwick at the BBC (compilation of her very best performances over the years at the BBC)
    11pm:Fern Britton Meets Dionne Warwick (First shown in 2012-Fern talks to Dionne about her career & life)
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  17. I will be watching, thanks for the heads up.
  18. Is everyone else still missing Dionne's Christmas album "My favourite time of the year" on their Spotify? It's been gone for quite a while now...Shame as it's quite nice and mellow!
  19. Just following up on the Dionne at the BBC special, I thought it was really good. Lots of clips from the archive from the 60's - mid 00's. I bet a lot of them had never been shown since they originally aired. Also, since when did Dionne have (what appeared to be) a 2005? TOTP special? Was this ever aired?

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