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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Rich T, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. Ive just watched Dionne at the BBC, Heartbreaker live on Noel Edmonds late late breakfast show was absolutely superb, She absolutely smashed it, All The Love In The World on TOTP, was stunning, into the early 90s She sang Thats What Friends Are For on a Bruce Forsyth TV Special, it was a treat to hear her singing the whole song herself so well, I found the 90s to be challenging as a Dionne fan, her voice was changing a lot, and the music much less inspired, I'd forgot how awful her appearance on Strictly in 2018 was, Dionne meeting Fern Britton was a great in depth interview, with loads of vintage clips I'd never seen, She's a class act.
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  2. The Dionne at the BBC show was great. I guess because she toured so much she was over here quite a lot, so there was a wider selection of material than I was expecting.

    Loved the randomness of her singing 'Walk On By' whilst doing a tour of Blenheim Palace, but her version of 'All in Love is Fair' was the highlight - absolutely stunning and better than Stevie Wonder's original.
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  3. Dionne’s last album that I absolutely loved was Friends Can Be Lovers, the drop in quality in her work when She left Arista was massive, I liked the new tracks from Now, I don’t ever need to hear her re-recorded tracks ever again,
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  4. The Brazil album had its moments too but I'd agree that the endless re-re-recordings she's done since she left Arista have gotten pretty dull. I did love this remake on 1998's Dionne Sings Dionne though:

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  5. Dionne Sings Dionne 2, the Japan album wasn’t too bad either, 70s & 80s Dionne had so many magic albums, I’d love to see a DVD release of her Solid Gold performances,
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  6. Stunning performance of "Joy to the world"! Woke up with this one on my mind
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