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Disclosure - Ecstasy + Third album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, May 16, 2018.

  1. RJF


    Caracal was good. The gays were just furious that, after a breakout first album, all the collaborations weren’t Rihanna, Britney, Miley, Madonna and whoever else was big.
  2. It did give us this

    I actually do like Caracal as well.
  3. It was cold af with 0 replaybility sissies
  4. That was Cheryl fans w. Calvin Harris surely.
  5. RJF


    Poor you not throwing down to “Hourglass” I guess.
  6. This was a good one as well

  7. And Jaded, Nocturnal, Magnets and Afterthought
  8. SMG


    Caracal was a good pop album, it just lacked the edge of Settle. Not that Settle had much edge, but still.
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  9. Hourglass, Magnets, and Good Intentions are all 10/10s and I won't hear anything else about it.
  10. RJF


    “Afterthought” is high key the unsung hero of that alberm.
  11. Settle is a classic and Caracal gave us a lot of great songs. Their standout singles and EP's are perfection too.
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  12. Ultimatum didn't do much for me, but everything since has been perfection.

    Also, both their albums are wonderful. Their debut had greater peaks, but they're both fantastic collections.
  13. I think they're both good albums, but Settle was fantastic in the sense that explored a bunch of different sounds successfully, the songs were so different from each other while Caracal felt very samey to me.
  14. Plus Caracal had this ode to a bit of a bit of a hot steamy sesh:

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  15. I genuinely had no clue people didn't like Caracal as much as Settle, it felt like a natural progression. Both albums are A+.
  16. I really like the songs they sing on as well.
  17. They talked with Annie Mac, they’re working on an album and these are just songs they decided to chuck out. Final one coming out at midnight
  18. We love an underrated bitchy banger.

    I hope these singles signal that they're moving towards doing a straight-up dance record. Give me a collection of 10 minute instrumentals of a thumping bass and not much else please.
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  19. Phew.
  20. I really like most of the tracks actually. They’re obviously less poppy than the majority of the two albums. The new songs sound current and very “We’re still here and cool.” It’s nice to see them continue to evolve their sound.

    I tend to like their less poppy stuff more than I expect to, Apollo is one of my favourites from them!
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