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Disclosure - Energy (Aug 28th)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, May 16, 2018.

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    Coming soon
  2. Honestly if they just wanted to release 14 new tracks that are just clones of Magnets I’d let them. Give me the bops!
  3. I loved Settle, Caracal had a few good songs but felt like a retread of what made Settle so successful. Perched to see where they take it now
  4. Their last album was a bit "meh" in places so I hope this is a return to form!
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  5. Hooray my boys are back!
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  6. Oh yay! I’m interested to see what they sound like in 2018.
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    I love both of their albums so consider me perched.
  8. Was just thinking about them, wondering if they would ever come back. While I liked their last album, it just felt like a poor Side B of their debut. I'm hopeful their sound has developed a bit in the three years since.
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  9. I liked the last album – Magnets and Good Intentions were bopificent.

    I love the single art.
  10. I always adore their Artwork
  11. I hope Sam Smith is not involved.
  12. 2014

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    EXCITING! Settle is still a classic and Caracal really grew on me, I'm intrigued what they'll bring!
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  13. Well they did give him two of his only three decent tracks besides Restart but yes keep him away this time.
  14. RJF


    I think... the second album was a little unfairly maligned. I think there were big expectations in terms of who they were going to collaborate with after the debut was retroactively stacked with stars, so when the second one came out, people were a bit disappointed by the feature roster (which, hilariously, is also kind of retroactively stacked with stars) while the album itself was pretty solid. "Afterthought" is surprisingly one of my favourites.

    I do wonder if they'll have changed it up though.
  15. 2014

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    Honestly Jaded is one of their best....wonder if they'll hold back on the features a bit?
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  16. Their debut is a classic so colour me excited.
  17. I hope so or maybe go with lesser known people as their features
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  18. My two favorite tracks from the album but then again I’m hard pressed to hate anything Miguel puts his name to.
  19. 2014

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    speaking of features they've had pretty huge ones? Lorde, The Weeknd, Mary J. Blige, and have also helped break in new stars like London Grammar, Jessie Ware and AlunaGeorge. Yeah they've relied on Sam Smith too much but every act has its faults!
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