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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ManilaChinchilla, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. Created this having looked for any similar threads, couldn't see anything, soooooo.

    Who has Discogs? I keep an account to keep tabs and to dwell the record buying junkie beast that rages within. Mine is: https://www.discogs.com/user/ManilaChinchila

    Feel free to snoop, browse, or perverse yourself!
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  2. Here!

    Not sure how Discogs' friend system works, but whatevs. Know I've spotted reviews from @P'NutButter and @Mr.Arroz occasionally!
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  4. I will forgive the creature who agreed to sell me a 7' vinyl of Dame Liza Minnelli's 'Losing My Mind'.... and then tried to charge me £10 P&P.

    Not today Satan, not today.
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  5. Pretty sure I've had most of you in my friends list for some time. It's nice to see everyone's unique quirks when it comes to collecting!
  6. I'm conversationsover on it xx
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  7. I'm JacquesLachetta on it, king of imaginative usernames across various platforms x

    I swear every thing I put in my collection I see who has it and @anfunny2003 already does. I like to think his house must be made with Ikea Benno CD towers forming walls, in some sort of alphabetical maze formation.
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  8. Ha! I do seem to see his name as an owner of many an obscure 80s album I either have or am looking to get. Which is exactly as I'd expect.
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  9. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Moderator

    I'm on Discogs (same username natch), but for some* reason I've only catalogued my singles on there.

    *(There is a sort of logic to that decision, but it doesn't actually make any sense).
  10. I'm on there, same username as here! I check Discogs 5-10 times a day. I use it more than eBay these days (still slightly less than Amazon).
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  11. I often wonder when I'm selling some of the more Pop stuff in my inventory whether it's going to a PJer. I do know that I've sold (hopefully satisfactorily) to Eric Generic and a few others from here already though.

    I've given up adding to my collection on there due to the amount of people who send emails trying to buy things that are quite clearly not for sale. No, fuck off, you're not having it!
  12. Finally got all mine put in! It's a bit spotty in regards to soundtracks or cast recordings, so the number's not totally accurate- I mean, Discogs says 1,855 albums and Allmusic says 2,246, so who knows. I'm certainly not going to count them by hand. But-
  13. I'm on Discogs more than FB or Twitter I think.

    Winter plan is to add the collection to it, but it's going to take a while...
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  14. I've finally got around to downloading the app for this.

    Oh my god it's so much easier just scanning the barcode. Why have I been living in the dark ages typing them in?!?!?!

    This might sound like a stupid question but is there any way of logging iTunes/digital purchases aswell? I only ask because I swear I've bought stuff from iTunes before and can't find it now. Anywhere. I don't trust anything that's not physical and on my shelf so I want a permanent record of what I have (or had at some point).
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  15. The barcode scanner is good but its not liking my japanese formats one little bit.

    I never register digital
  16. Registering digital is so... weird. Like your iTunes has the songs there, why are you archiving them?!
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  17. ...weird yes. Do I rip them to DVD storage back up though? Of course!
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  18. I thought I'd said - it goes mysteriously missing and I totally forget if I even bought stuff. Like @Eric Generic often says, I'm also constantly paranoid my "access" to digital music will be lost in the future which is why I prefer physical anyway but if I can only get something digitally I would like to easily log what I've got rather than being solely at the mercy of iTunes and its frequently unhelpful "updates".

    Maybe I'll have to resort to an excel spreadsheet to log every track I have. Which leads me to my next question - is there an easy way to copy/paste or export my iTunes data into excel?
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