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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Feb 22, 2009.


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    Something about Raya's design feels unDisney to me but otherwise it looks pretty good?
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  4. A movie title that isn't a genderfree one word adjective? A trailer in which the female protagonist is the focus? We love to see it.
    It does look amazing. Do we know if it's going to be a musical or not?
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  5. This looks SO good and, thankfully, in the vein of Moana rather than Frozen. I hope the song played in the trailer is an indication of the musical direction.
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  6. Aw, this made me shed a tear.
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  7. SOS I cried way too hard
  8. This is basically an Enchanted rehash, but it's giving me 90's Disney and I can already see myself loving this on Christmas day after a few wines

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  9. This looks incredibly joyous and the trailer alone filled with me such warmth. This is exactly what I hoped for when it was announced, and country be happier to see this Isla-Jillian duo.
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  10. MB


    Watched this tonight. Really enjoyed it, heartwarming with some funny moments.
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  11. So I just watched the Mulan remake. And it was so embarrassingly bad and devoid of any character or resonance whatsoever? It felt like one of those films where it's based on real events and so they're bound to real people not having the same emotional development as fictional characters, but it's not that. How did they cock up that badly?
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  12. Here to say I’m half an hour in to Mulan and this is awful. Possibly the clearest example of where the live action remakes fall down. They essentially CUT the best scene?? The hair cutting lightning synth DRAMA of her running away? Christ. Everything is so ugly. I...
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  13. Basically I saw your insta-posts and decided not to watch it. It was on the Christmas eve list ddddd.
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  14. PLEASE don’t. It not even enjoyably bad, or poor but camp or... anything. It’s ugly as hell, dull as dishwater, lowkey a perversion of the original story... everything is awful.
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  15. My boyfriend said Mulan is shot like 4K tv demos and I can’t unsee it.

    the chi thing is utterly awful and devalues the selfless act of family that Mulan takes into a ‘fulfil your destiny as the soldier you are born to be’ which is just not a good shift. Most character additions just muddy the motivations of the overall plot and the action is somehow sillier than any songs or red dragons could be
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  16. Why is it..so ugly? Why are so many blockbuster films so ugly? I actually stopped to wonder if it was just me being “old” and missing old styles but I think it’s actually just the utterly empty feeling locations, the grey/beige tones across the board and then just like...crappy lighting when against a clearly cgi backdrop. Stop stop she’s already dead but seriously this is awful.
  17. Mulan has this really aggressive mix of OTT colour pop, lack of connection between sets, and then the lack of real visceral action due to it being Disney leaves it feeling like plastic everything.

    these live action films all feel like those tweets with ‘dream casting’ where it’s what people ostensibly want but the execution of those concepts is either a hot mess or unambitious but with bad new ideas to push it up to 2 hours.
  18. I felt asleep 30 minutes in...
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  19. He


    They did an amazing job with the first trailer, though. I thought it was the one to break the curse of the live actions being subpar. Alas...

    I just want the Little Mermaid to be good just for Halle.
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