Is Star what all the Hulu stuff is going to be released internationally on - via Disney+?

Or is Star something different?

Thats how I understood it. Though I guess not all of it. How frustrating that the US has to pay for both while it will only cost 2 EUR more for Europe.

I am surprised they are continueing with the premier access after the Mulan backlash, Soul being „free“ and the HBO Max strategy.

I didn‘t understand though if all movies from now on will have the premier access. But looks like they are focusing on TV shows at the moment anyway.
Anything that Disney deems a "blockbuster" is getting a regular theatrical release/VOD/rental strategy (for now Marvel movies). Everthing else will either have the Premier/Theater pattern or be a Disney+ exclusive. The theatrical only releases are being done to avoid pissing off exhibitors but more importantly to help pay for the backend bonuses promised in the actors and directors contracts.
The quantity of reboots/remakes/extensions of existing franchises here is entirely expected, but no less disheartening for that.
Disney DTV walked so Disney+ could run. The content they announced, while exciting, is kind of safe.

Though I’m here for Disenchanted, Hocus Pocus 2 and all the Marvel shows (except for the GOTG Holiday Special and Armor Wars).
Not a CRUMB of X-Men news?!

This was certainly...colossal. I only followed the Twitter thread so probably missed lots of detail but that's one truly epic slate. I'm not a huge TV show watcher, but if the Marvel series are high-budget with short runs then that will suit me just fine. A single season (or at most a few seasons of 6 episodes or so) is all that's needed for these stories.

Some stuff I'm hyped for that we kinda knew about anyway. F4 finally being announced was nice.

The ALIEN tv show is my biggest takeaway to be honest!
It's been confirmed for the UK and Europe.
I love how after a year of Disney+ having basically no original programming, now it will have basically everything anyone ever imagined. I was exhausted readng a post about everything they've got in the pipeline. I wonder if Netflix is shook.
I think they're good but I bet they are getting a bit anxious now. I can't believe Disney+ is only raising their price by a dollar next spring. In a year or two Disney will be making soo much profit compared to Netflix. Netflix pays licensing fees for a majority of their content, putting them in the red regularly. Disney owns everything they stream.
I watched Mulan finally.

- I do like that they deviated a lot from the animated movie. It was nice to finally watch one of these and not see a frame for frame remake.
- Good performances
- Obviously, it was stunning to look at

- Insanely anti-climatic. Her reaching the top of the mountain with the weights and her reveal as a woman were both so whatever. I like the messaging of her reaching her full potential as a warrior only when she sheds the lie and is herself, but it made for a real boring reveal to her comrades.
- There isn't a ton of character development happening here, which leads me to..
- The script was not great

Overall I'd give it a B-. It suffers the same final thought that all of these movies give me: it made me want to watch the animated one instead.
Watched Mary Poppins Returns tonight for the first time, we missed it in cinemas and by god did I not absolutely adore it.

For it being more or less a retread of the original, it’s just so pure and uplifting and I had the biggest smile on my face the whole way through. I also can’t stop humming the songs. Trip a Little Light Fantastic is a MOMENT.

Derivative, yes, but the sheer joy it emits is undeniable.