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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Feb 22, 2009.

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    They sure've come a long way since the 'humans' in Toy Story 1..

  2. indeed

  3. I honestly cannot stop sobbing after watching Soul, help!
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  4. Screenshotting this paragraph so I have it in my gallery. Thanks for this x
  5. Soul was amazing but it's the first Pixar film where I've been left wondering what there would be in it to keep an 8 year old entertained and laughing.

    It's the first one that's really felt pitched solely for adults, whereas with Inside Out and others although it was a pretty deep film it still had that Pixar touch of managing to work for all ages, being cleverly worked out so the whole family sits down and everyone enjoys it but in different ways across different levels. So it lost a bit of the classic magic for me in the process of going all out for a big thoughtful message. Cos I like the silly moments designed to get the belly laughs from the kids too!
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  6. Just here to add to the Soul love, I watched it with my parents last night. I didn't really find it a tear jerker but it was so inspiring and beautiful. My heart was full. I wasn't really a fan of Inside Out but this really spoke to me. I just want to watch it all over again. The casting was excellent.
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  7. I don't know if its the special mix of being alone on NYE, 2020 and finding it hard to find the good sometimes but 'Soul' is hitting me very hard (or maybe its just a very good film with a universal message that feels even more timely this year).

    It really does feel far more adult than anything else that Pixar has done before but its beautiful and the score is often breathtaking - Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are such fantastic composers.

    Definitely what I needed tonight anyways, Happy New Year y'all.
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  8. Picked up the Soul score on vinyl today. It really deserves the Oscar, Trent and Atticus really make you feel everything in this score.

    “Epiphany” just makes me sob the second it starts.
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  9. Watched Soul hungover to sin with my partner, and we both cried like babies. Incredibly life affirming, and the level of maturity I’ve been wanting from Pixar for years.
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  10. Is Soul eligible for the oscars if it didn’t release in theatres? This should be a best picture nomination in my opinion.
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  11. I just watched Mulan. Nice visuals, wonderful visuals, but it’s quite incredible how they made such a great story so boring.
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  12. It will be since it was originally intended to be a theatrical release.
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  13. Watched Soul, really enjoyed it.

    Also watched Godmothered. She was cute but way too much borrowing from Enchanted, which is on another level.
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  14. Soul was nice, if a bit boring. I couldn’t see a kid sitting through it or understanding the message it conveys.
  15. I love the fact that it was a more adult Pixar movie. It’s something I’ve been wanting for them for a while, to go all out and make a film targeted toward their more mature audience and not for the kids.

    Can you elaborate on what you thought was boring about it? I was enthralled from start to finish.
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  16. It wasn't boring at all but I'm not sure a smaller kid would understand the larger philosophical concepts of life, purpose etc. Also, I think the Great Beyond and all the exposition about souls and the You seminars might be a bit too dense for kids to absorb.

    That said, I personally loved it. It was sweet, touching and my favorite Pixar movie since Coco.
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  17. Yeah I wouldn’t know the first thing about trying to explain Soul to a child. And honestly, I wouldn’t even bother. They don’t deserve it.
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    I didn’t think Soul would be a good fit for children (the souls themselves are understandably generic looking that the design ends up being neither cute nor funny) until I remembered how many of them probably had to face the concept of death this year, more so than usual.
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