They totally should, but they would never given how mired in controversy the production was. It's easily the darkest Disney movie. They touch on it a bit here before switching over to discussing the attraction

Disney bought the rights to produce live-action movies based on the Prydain Chronicles back in 2016, and they're technically in early development (but without a director/screenplay). Haven't heard a word since. Would love them all to be done in proper fashion, as they're my all-time favorite books, and wrote my psychoanalytic Master's Thesis about them. The 1985 movie was terrible (even though I semi enjoy its cult status). Lloyd Alexander didn't recognize the film's story as his own, but honored it as its own entity (quite magnanimous, IMO).

I refuse to watch this movie, but apparently the cuckoo clock scene at the beginning of the film pretty much typifies why these remakes are garbage. Stripping away any of the original’s charm for hamfisted fan service and corporate synergy banking on nostalgia. Not to mention just being straight up ugly. My favorite Disney animated flick doesn’t deserve this!
I’m gonna have to watch this high aren’t I hmm? I really liked the trailer for Pinocchio so I hope I get something out of it.

I recently watched Cinderella and LOVED it!! Great direction and so camp! Plus Richard Madden was great in it as the Prince. The scene with his father towards the end. Ughh.
Disenchanted looks AMAZING. The way Amy hasn't aged a day and Patrick got more Daddy. I live. I'm also glad to see James and Idina back.
Poster is a serve too.
But look at this:

Like I understand animation is going to have a certain level of brightness "live action" might have difficulties with, but it's all just so muddy. It does not need to be!
That's... a cartoon

Anyway its a teaser trailer, they'll most likely brighten it up. Plus isn't that part of the song supposed to show under the sea as dark and depressing while the shore is big and bright?