I will forever welcome Live Action remakes.
I've loved most of them. And Cinderella was arguably their best one. (Albeit one of their first of what has been released since 2014).

But anything aside from the live actions can be eye rolling. The Mufasa project looks unnecessary. Among many others.

And I could have sworn they're still deciding on a 3rd national treasure. Nic Cage said he didn't know yet, but a few other actors and the producer said it was in the works.
Yeah that was funny because it was one of the only original jokes in the whole trailer that wasn't from the first film.

True but the rumbas did amuse me as well.
I don't think its going to be ground breaking but it doesn't look as rubbish as some follows we have had to absolute classics in recent years.
Lion King prequel... Eh. I didn't particulary like the remake except the awesome Beyonce album BUT at least this will have a new story so I will check it out.

I don't think all the remakes suck though, some are just better than others. I quite liked Aladdin, The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella but I do think The Lion King was the worst. I mean, they sing Can You Feel The Love Tonight during daylight, enough said.

I know it's most prominent with Disney, but isn't this just the state of big-budget Hollywood lately? Adaptations, reboots, remakes, spin-offs, etc...they get the focus and the green light because they'll make money simply because they remind people of or are related to things people already like. It's not surprising the biggest company in the world has been milking this for all it's worth because they always care about money first. And it is very obvious for them especially, considering every Disney thing announced yesterday is a reboot, remake, sequel or prequel to something that already exists. And Marvel is just one big adaptation franchise that they've managed to turn into one of the most profitable series ever. Star Wars is a huge franchise that was extremely well-loved long before Disney got their hands on it. And as this tweet says, this isn't an original point. Everyone has noticed it. It's obvious that almost all the original content we'll get from Disney is through Pixar and other animated films. On the bright side, their animated stuff is almost always really great, especially the last few years. Or through Disney+ originals I guess. Yes, it's frustrating and dumb but it's clearly not gonna change any time soon.