I think a lot of the Live Action Disney films are missing one important thing: CAMPNESS.

In Cruella, Maleficent, and even Aladdin there's still an element of camp, and colourful magic. It's the actors really laying on the Disney charm (Emma & Angelina) or the bright and pantomime style sets (Aladdin) that make them work in the live action world.

Lion King was taken too serious, Pinocchio never really had much magic to begin with, Jungle Book was okay - but wasn't that camp compared to the original and so much humour was taken out, Cinderella was a bit gloomy, and Lady & The Tramp never had a decent story to begin with.

The Alice remakes are pretty decent once you get past Tim Burton's "direction" as well.

Give us camp villains, colourful sets and effects, and give them a higher age rating so they can get away with a lot more and I think they could make some great remakes.
I just don’t see the purpose of these but Disney will do what they do best. It’s the new form of “taking it out of the vault” for them. The thing about making an animated movie into live action (or “live action” in the case of Lion King) film is that everything gets dulled. Animation leaves very few restraints. It also allows the audience to look past the absurd and connect with something that might not quite work in live action. Acting can be pushed, colors and art direction can be played with to intensify and expand on the emotional aspect of the stories. A lot of that gets lost when it goes to the live action remakes.

Maybe they should focus on making more animated content than subpar live action versions of already great animated movies.
Absolutely none of the live action remakes have needed to be made. The animated films they're based off of still hold up as timeless classics. Having a live action remake really cheapens it. I'd much rather prefer original content. But this is clearly just money making move as are so many things with Disney. Like who right now is like "Man, I really want to watch The Lion King" and are choosing to watch the live action version over the animated? I get watching these once to say you've seen it, but none of them surpass the originals.

Also National Treasure without Nick Cage? What's the point babe.
Ok High School Musical season 4 sounds amazing, I was gonna give up after this season (I was assuming it was Olivia Rodrigo’s last) but now I’m hooked.

Season 1 was great, 2 is awful and 3 has been patchy but my main problem is really the lack of focus on HSM (which is why I think 1 works the best). Any additional songs should have been originals or pulled from other DCOMs.

It’s a bit of a no brainer that this could have been a 3 series and done show and easily padded to 4 with the current Summer Camp series shifting to Camp Rock.
I saw a little cam footage of the full version they showed, on twitter. And her voice soars- the music is going to be great. My main concerns are... Why is everyone so fucking pissed about every little thing? Jesus Christ it's too much. Worried about with Halle looks like and whatnot. Meanwhile i'm sitting here worried that Ursula is going to be some Melissa McCarthy CGI mess.
I thought that the reason Disney was doing all these live action versions was so that they could retain the rights to the material?