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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I liked Hocus 2 well enough. It made me smile. But I agree it could have used the slightly darker tone of the first. There were no high stakes here.
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  2. I'm watching the short lived Turner and Hooch series from not long ago and honestly pretty enjoying it. Josh Peck is a charming lead and the show has the same kind of silly fun as the movie. I can see why it didn't go beyond one season as maybe there isn't a lot of potential, but still I like it.
  3. BTG


    Pepper Ann really was too cool for seventh grade.
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  4. Just watched Hocus Pocus 2 and really liked it. Not me almost tearing up though.
  5. Just watching Hocus Pocus 2 now. Wow, it’s absolute garbage….
    Them as kids at the start is so bad. Hope it improves.
  6. I thought Hocus Pocus 2 was fun.
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  7. The new Disenchanted trailer looks fabulous. This is going to be a campfest and I am so happy to see it. Amy not aging a day since the first one 15 years ago? Queen behaviour.
    Her duel with Maya is giving me "Molly Weasley vs Bellatrix but make it gay" I live.
    Nice to see that Idina gets more screen time and a chance to sing.

  8. Taking cues from TikTok? I'm out.
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  9. Every word in that tweet is making me sick.

    Glad to see it trending and everyone draging it.
  10. That is disgusting. Get it in the bin.

    One of my favourite animated movies ever. But that description sounds bafflingly horrific. Hopefully the intense reaction online will force a 180 on that.
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  11. Poor wording . . . But Zero to Hero leaned heavily on editing, blink and you’ll miss it jokes, choreography and physical comedy. . . Is TikTok the worst place to go for contemporary inspiration when adapting the source material? Same for One Last Hope I guess.

    I’d rather watch an interesting mess than a scene for scene remake so I’m all for it.
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  12. I'd rather just not watch it at all nn. The Russos need to be stopped!
  13. If they add in the all male orgies that Herc had then I can overlook some of these choices.
  14. This is honestly outrageous. Disney is a giant company like very few are. Don't tell me they have no money to keep paying their people.

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  15. Maybe he, like most CEO's, could take a pay cut and have that money actually go to the employees instead of laying off a bunch of people...
  16. Chapek is a demon.
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  17. He's such a terrible CEO. It's like... laughably bad at this point.
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  18. There's an Encanto live stage show now and it looks spectacular! Please let this turn into a full-fledged musical.

    It will be coming to Disney+ on December 28th.
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  19. As far as I‘ve read this is at least not for people working at the parks but in the offices.

    Not saying that‘s really better.
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