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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Ready for this
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  2. Typically, just as I've applied for a role I really wanted at Disney UK offices. I suspect I'll be getting an email next week from HR telling me the role is on hold for now.
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  3. Oh I'm so looking forward to watching this in December! I'm glad they got the whole voice cast to be there for the live concert, I've been wanting to see all of them perform live for a while now
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  4. Let's pray it doesn't center around Mia's daughter who rebels against being Princess of Genovia because her real dream is to be a pop star cuz Disney.
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  5. I agree with you but I also know I would eat this up ddd.
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  6. Okay so the Disenchanted soundtrack is glorious. Amy and Maya serve CAMP in a duet called Badder. Idina gets two songs, one with James Marsden and a solo song (which she does twice, the second one is in the credits)
    Amy's voice is gorgeous, how she hasn't done any other musicals is beyond me.
    Even more enchanted excited to watch the movie tomorrow.
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  7. I need a Frozen 3, purely for the fashion.
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  8. Mvnl

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  9. The in-universe logic for that movie must be so wild. You have beings made of literal fire crammed into a subway with others made of grass. Disaster waiting to happen!
  10. Strange World being out in DAYS and seemingly having no push is so frustrating
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  11. I wonder if Disney thinks the same sex kiss in Lightyear is the reason for its flop (its not the reason) and this one has a gay character. If that‘s true that would be a shame but it is weird how little they are promoting it.
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  12. Pokémon <3
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  13. Straw Hat Goofy (He's a Tiktoker who does movie reviews and goes to screenings and such) saw the film and said that the movie was good but didn't really hit with any of the messages it was trying to hit with. But he praised that it had the lgbtq character who is prominent and not subtle - said it's very known what this character's identity is, it's not just a little background thing.
  14. The problem with Strange World is the reveal that his dad is still alive in the trailer, the 3 generations find a way to escape it, and (this is just a guess) the grandfather ultimately stays behind with the family learning how to go back and forth. The story just seems thin and unsurprising.
  15. Disenchanted was absolute garbage. It felt like a Disney Channel cheap sequel instead of a proper one.
  16. That's disappointing to read!

    I've avoided all the clips (except for the first trailer) and reviews cause I want to go into it with as less prejudice as possible. I'm watching it tonight, so I'll share my thoughts later

    (I'm one of the few who enjoyed Hocus Pocus 2 so I may be very easy to please anyways nn)
  17. I thought it was great fun, if not as sharp as the original. It misses the New York setting, and criminally underuses James Marsden.

    But Adams and Rudolph are on top form.
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  18. Well I really enjoyed Disenchanted. Yes it fails to match the first one (Mainly down to it not being the whole "fairy-tale tropes in NYC" setting), but it was just never going to and it still managed to feel familiar without being a total redo. Amy is effortlessly brilliant in this and I loved seeing her tackle what is essentially a duel role. She slid back into Giselle so well, all the returnees did I felt. It was camp and Disney in all the best ways.
  19. Thought Disenchanted was amazing and the best Disney release this year. Magical!
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