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Yeah my husband and I put it on the other day and I gave up after 15 mins. It was so boring. I ended up just scrolling on my iPad with it on in the background.

I did finish it (probably thanks to watching with a friend and needing any form of distraction right now) but half of the time I wasn't even completely sure what was going on but didn't feel like I missed out on anything either. It left me as cold as Lightyear.
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I watched Disenchanted over Christmas and I thought it was fine. Not a patch on the original, but it was enjoyable enough. I didn't find any of the songs particularly memorable. I enjoyed Badder when it was on, but forgot it as soon as it was over. Idina always gives a nice dramatic vocal, so I also liked her song towards the end of the film, but again once it was over I'd forgotten it.

The film itself just felt too long, a good half hour could have been shaved off. The Evil Stepmother storyline felt like it had potential, but it was executed in such a strange way that I didn't care for it.

I also watched the Aladdin remake on Christmas Day. It's the first time I've seen it since I saw it at the cinema and it really is a whole mess. Guy Richie was the wrong director for something like this. It required a grand vision for the spectacle, and I just think he lacked this. I'll also always be annoyed that:

They removed Jafar turning into a snake. Iago growing in size just wasn't the same. The casting choice for Jafar also didn't work.
I just rewatched Old Yeller man that film is a tough watch.

Going to rewatch Swiss Family Robinson next. Most of the same cast are in both which is amusing.
I love Swiss Family, the Anaconda scene terrified me as a kid. Dorothy McGuire is wonderful on it and Old Yellar (and also in the great thriller The Spiral Staircase from 1945)
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Unpopular opinion... maybe... but I think they need to pay some of the big stars in these blockbusters less and spend the money on the VFX teams (and other, lesser paid areas) that work around the clock to get the work done. I'm talking the absurd amount some stars get to be in a film, like RDJ and such. Like, sure, the movie couldn't happen without them, but it also can't happen without all the VFX people that are working on it as well.
I'm sure Little Mermaid will be huge. Even if some of the CGI is ropey, I can imagine all the young kids who won't see the flaws just lapping it up. And I've no doubt that Halle is going to nail it.
Disney remakes don't need "names." As soon as I heard the first sung line of Beauty and the Beast 2017, with Emma Watson unable to get the words "little town" out without Melodyne correcting it, I switched off.

Give me unknowns - sing it and serve it. I like Melissa McCarthy and I really hope she does a great job but I'm approaching with caution.
I have such little interest in these live-action remakes. Ii wouldn't mind so much if they went in a different direction but they seem intent on just remaking the animated movies shot for shot. It's boring.
Looking at Rob Marshall's work on Mary Poppins Returns, I have a feeling the CGI is a stylistic choice rather than being ropey. Doesn't make it great though.