These new songs simply being poor man’s versions of Her Voice and Beyond My Wildest Dreams…

Awkwafina’s rap…

No Daughters of Triton…

Halle (and Melissa) eat, but I have a lot of (bad) opinions about what I just listened to ddd.
I've been listening to the soundtrack nonstop which is a first for me with these live-action remakes. Usually I stick to the originals, but Halle's vocal performance may top the original for me. It has become the new standard version of Part of Your World for me. I also quite enjoy Melissa's take on Poor Unfortunate Souls and the new Prince Eric song is also very good. The only miss for me is that Skuttle song, but I assume they kept that in for the little kids.
Why does Ursula project the "pathetic.." remark towards Ariel in Poor Unfortunate Souls, it completely ruins the illusion that she's fooling her.
Cruella and Malificent I think work well because they’re an original retelling of the story.

Whereas I stopped bothering with remakes after Beauty and the Beast.
I didn’t like it, why cut so many songs and scenes and still have a long movie?

Eric is so handsome, the part where we can see her hips is Interesting.
I'm not really familiar with the original, but I enjoyed this. I didn't think it felt long despite being over 2 hours and it had a strong cast. Sebastian stole the entire film for me and had the best musical number with Under the Sea which was BEAUTIFUL! The worst song was That Scuttlebutt mess, but overall I was pleased.

Prince Eric and Ariel had loads of chemistry and Melissa McCarthy was surprisingly great as Ursula.