Saw this last night and aside from some clunky CGI and writing for the new songs, I thought it was good overall! Probably the best live action one I’ve seen so far.

Halle carried the whole thing though, god she’s a fucking superstar.
Disenchanted might not have lived up to the originals heights but Badder really is one of the best Disney songs of recent times. Amy and Maya looked camp right in the eye and said "Watch how the pros do it"

Something I adore is how Amy changes her voice to sound deeper when she sings it as compared to the lighter "Disney voice" she does for the other songs. Such a great touch.


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- Some of the cinematography and general directing choices were weridly poor. The cinema burst out laughing at the final shot of Triton just as Ariel is about to sail away - it's edited and framed like a comedy film so no wonder!
I loved the film, but those final scenes completely took me out. I couldn't get over how ridiculous Javier looked, half-submerged in water with a flimsy crown on his head. Maybe because it was filmed in daylight? I don't know but it was bad.
So the partner and myself took our 3 nieces to see The Little Mermaid yesterday. Not to get all sappy but it was definitely a moment. Especially at the end of the credits seeing the "In Memory of Howard Ashman." Just an all around beautiful film and evening with those little turds.
Made the mistake of going to see it this afternoon in a packed IMAX. It was like being in a crèche with children running around, a child next to me playing a video game, families making us get up constantly on repeat for the loo. Really ruined the experience even though it is a family friendly movie and I get it must be tough for the parents too. The real kicker was the venue selling us and a family the same seats and I didn’t want to cause a fuss so I gave them ours. Why am I like this. We were moved right near the exit which was the worst.

I thought the tone was defintley aimed at adults/teens instead of children, it wasn’t funny or colourful enough for the under six age bracket.

I’ve had the same experience in theatres when seeing family friendly plays and I know this will get some eye rolls but I really wish venues did adult only sittings.

Will happily go see it again, midweek, after eight.
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Saw Little Mermaid for the second time today (this time in 3D) and enjoyed it even more. It's a great film and the 3D was a nice experience!

My only real criticism would be Javier Bardem as Triton - he gave the role absolutely nothing - and also how hollow the mermaid world was. The palace was just that little rock room and it really lacked just having other merfolk swimming around living their underwater lives.
Preschool show for Little Mermaid is being created for Disney Junior, and I love the fact they are using Halle's Ariel for this.

Disney Branded TV (DBTV) president Ayo Davis unveiled a new CG-animated preschool series from LA’s Wild Canary called Disney Junior’s Ariel, building on the buzz from The Little Mermaid’s spring theatrical run. It also continues Disney’s tried-and-true strategy of aging down legacy characters (like Alice and Spider-Man), starring an eight-year-old Ariel and her friends. Ezra Edmond (Minnie Bow-Bot Robot) and Lynne Southerland (Mulan II) are producing and executive producing, respectively.

Preschool show for Little Mermaid is being created for Disney Junior, and I love the fact they are using Halle's Ariel for this.

I lost the tweet but someone managed to link one of Halle's recording posts to a Disney Animation studio, maybe for this?
Saw a preview of Elemental today, really liked it. It's kinda treading similar ground to Zootropolis, but actually it brings in lots of interesting stuff about the immigrant experience which is new. Don't think it's quite like absolute top tier all-timer Pixar but it's good.

A shame to see it flopping, because it's pretty overt in its tackling of racism which would be good for people to see. But I wonder if the hook just isn't quite strong enough. What if the elements had feelings and lived in Zootopia which you've already seen? Doesn't feel quite as compelling as some of the other Pixar films.

Gorgeous Thomas Newman soundtrack as ever!!
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