Disney really wants me to cancel my subscription.

How bold to think customers would welcome a price increase right now, when no new content is being made and we know they're fucking over all their talent. That's a hefty fucking increase too. Wonder what we'll go up to in the UK? I can see me cancelling this.

EDIT: I hadn't read the articles with the new tiers. So it's going up by £3, to £10.99 a month, unless we drop to the new, lower tier, which doesn't appear to allow more than one device, and has limited quality options. What a piss take.
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I just rewatched Swiss Family Robinson.

Janet Munro was such a ray of sunshine. So sad how her life ended so tragically and prematurely.

What a beautiful smile she had.



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Hmm The Little Mermaid was fine, I guess..
I was glad when it was over. Everything under water just looked kinda clumsy, I don't know what Triton's issue was, and AI Flounder & Sebastian did not grow on me but instead had me basically zoning out as soon as they appeared.
Halle did a perfectly fine job but I just did not feel invested at all, not even Part Of Your World could save it for me.
Finally got to see Haunted Mansion and I liked it.

I do wish Disney would stop being so predictable with their films but for what it was, it was enjoyable.
One of the best Disney songs:

The whole soundtrack of this film is just incredible. I'm always surprised that the film itself doesn't sit highly with many people. I don't know if it's the darker nature of the film, but it has great songs, great characters, cool art style, so it's always surprised me. For me it's always been in my top 3.

I luv this film so much.

A forever bop! Should have been number one in every country.


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Oh I did love Elemental.
Wasn't sold on the almost 2D characters in a 3d world + 2 of the elements basically could have stayed at home, but I was amused, completely enamoured by Wade, and I'm pretty sure there's water in my DNA.
Watched Haunted Mansion last night. Thought it was really good and probably one of Disney's best in the last few years. The cast were fantastic and loved the visual effects. A great Halloween watch!
Gary Dauberman and James Wan might be good for some scare-jumpey horrorflicks but their involvement doesn't scream quality TV to me. Let's wait and see...