Do unreleased 11/10s by major artists exist?

I think this in an interesting question that was provoked by the Kylie-16th album thread:

I don't believe such a thing exists. I think if I a song (by a major artist) is good enough to be considered an 11, it was almost certainly released.

I do think there's a such thing as the single that got away, but not the 11 that got away from being released.

A song like this is about the closest I can think of to being an unreleased 11:

...but even if it were properly finished, I think it would be a 10 at best. And likely not even that.

Anybody know of some legit unreleased 11s? Of course it doesn't need to be a song that everybody would consider an 11 because subjectivity and all that. But do you know a song that is unreleased that you think is better than the vast majority of pop music?
I have a random choice considering I’m not even a huge Miley fan, but I genuinely think Nightmare is Miley’s best song and would absolutely get an 11 in a discog rate from me.

Well yes, this version specifically

While I don't consider either 11s, these are both great songs that should have been released. Unlike those faceless songs in the Kylie thread I linked in the OP, they have tons of personality and are very cooked and well realized.
With a discography featuring Say It Right and Waiting for the Night it would not be an actual 11, but it does come close:

Nelly Furtado's Red Balloons still gets to me with so much ease. Such an inspiring and uplifting chorus and outro!

Also the adlibs in the final chorus from No Regrets are truly amazing. I consider it as a sister song to Bucket List.

Of course the queen that is Nelly Furtado also has multiple 11- contenders unreleased.
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Like, what do you consider an 11/10, though? Expensive sounding lead single? Out on out poppers o’clock magic? There are so many variables.

I do think most of the true magical 11/10’s if rejected by one artist usually ends up in the hands of another artist one way or the other. Toxic, Umbrella, etc.