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Do we really need a Random Thoughts thread? Thoughts.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tribal Spaceman, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    If a thread is deleted perhaps a 'sticky' could be made saying so and giving the reasons, and left up there for a couple of weeks. It would save a lot of bother.
  2. Poor Someboy, aka Tenitra - who will ever understand his plight?

    Meanwhile, I'll just lie on a fake beach.
  3. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Actual rules in place of "I don't like this thread, and guess what? I'm a moderator. Suck it" would be nice.

    And I don't for a second believe closing Random Thoughts is going to do anything. It's basically the social center of Popjustice, and it will reappear in some form or other at some point. If you're so concerned by it, appoint more moderators and actually moderate it.
  4. K94


    Oh my God - Michelle's name is Tenitra?!? I only found out about Kelendria last year. I'm an actual mess.
  5. innamor.

    innamor. Guest

    You'll never get a ten!
  6. K94


  7. You are. Kelendria and I are not amused and are staring non-amuslingly at you.
  8. Sorry about that Girls Aloud flop. (not really)
  9. That is so unfair, and you know it.
  10. duckface

    duckface Guest

    That wasn't a dig at you specifically. I've found you to be an accommodating moderator (usually).
    But the Random Thoughts thread closure? That was basically what happened.
  11. K94


    Beyonce, Kelendria, Tenitra, LaTavia, LaToya

  12. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Oh, and not to mention passionoia. My first reaction to seeing that he had posted in Random Thoughts was: "Woah, he's still a member here?!"

    I didn't realize that making a big show of yourself once every 6 months on a thread you never participate in was considered moderating. I'll note that down for my inevitable takeover.
  13. Are you going to volunteer then?

    You're right it is a case of 'I don't like this thread, and guess what? I'm a moderator. Suck it'.

    I'm not interested in that thread and yet I have to waste my time dealing with the shit. If you can't be bothered (someone who loves it so very much) why should I? And yet it needs to be, like you say if it is the social centre then what goes on there and it's tone affects the whole board, including all bits I like and the bits others who have no interest in the Off Topic like.

    I knew closing it would get a reaction but to be honest it's a thread on pop forum. Is it really that big of a deal? I dunno maybe I just don't get the internet, people being snidy and unpleasant towards other people is par for the course but close some irrelevant thread and everyone's up in arms.

    Maybe it's time to give it up.

    There might be shady shit or arguments once in a while but in actuality it's an escape from the stan wars of the main forum. It's 10x more interesting than the main forum and I've made good friends through it. If we got rid of Off Topic or even Random Thoughts things in the main forum would deteriorate even more - not to mention that Off Topic posts would spill into it, making the mods job even harder.

    Now can we all move the hell on and open the thread?
  15. I'd love to see some of these libellous claims.

    Also, whatever claim that is made on a fairly tongue in cheek topic on a fairly tongue in cheek forum would surely need someone as desperate as Kerry Katona reading it for it to even be considered libel. I don't buy that excuse. Granted, people might go a bit far when talking about people that don't even know they're being talked about in our real lives, but no names are ever mentioned.
  16. K94



    Closing the Random Thoughts thread is one of the most counter-productive things a mod can do. You are removing the social/community aspect of the forum and that is a big deal. Just stop being so stubborn. Are you helping the forum in any way by deleting the thread? You're just causing further argument by doing so - just open it.
  17. duckface

    duckface Guest

    There are about 40 capable users that would jump at the chance to help moderate. And you know it. And I like how you decide for me that I don't want to moderate before I give you an answer.

    Because you are never there, maybe it'd help to know that about 95% of this 'acting snide' business is between people who are already friends and are just playing each other. I can think of maybe one instance of actual aggression. You want acting snide? Take a look at the Sugababes threads. At least on Random Thoughts, it was rarely real.
  18. Oh my God, I'm laughing thinking of the possibility that me shading Mr. Arroz (for example) could be taken seriously. There really is very little aggression, it's almost always jokes.
  19. K94


    I was gonna post this. I crack up at the thought of someone thinking that was serious.
  20. Well, obviously we can tell the difference between you making a joke about Mr. Arroz and KFC and someone making a very snide dig, or on the other hand, divulging intimate details of their sexual life.
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