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Do we really need a Random Thoughts thread? Thoughts.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tribal Spaceman, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. I think it's absolutely disgraceful that a moderator would show such bias.
  2. Rmx


    Regarding the topic title: No we don't "really need" random thoughts. But we don't "really need" any of off-topic. In fact we don't even "really need" the entire forum because the main page keeps us updated, right? To put it bluntly, why on earth does this forum exist if we're not allowed to socialize?
  3. Actually, just a thought: I think one thing that does need to be sorted is the PM limit. I don't use PMs all that much, but I can imagine a lot of oversharing and moaning is done publicly because people's inboxes fill up too quickly. Perhaps expanding the limit, if bandwidth allows, would keep the threads a bit cleaner and leaner?

    Perhaps even some sort of chat function on here would do that - the shit wouldn't have to be waded through because it'd be contained on a more free-flowing chat tab. I know vBulletin has options for that.
  4. RJF


    What a bullshit, bias generalisation. The main reason we fought last week is because you overreacted to my rather tongue-in-cheek response to you posting a woefully controversial pop opinion apropos of nothing in the wrong part of the forum and it just spiraled out of control from there. I also found it suspicious that your post immediately after my response was even more inflammatory and shit-stirring, after you had been complaining about feeling left out and ignored in this apparent circle jerk of horrible, immature members of the forum. Was my initial post over the top? Quite possibly. The particular opinion you posted is one I'm sick of reading and my impatience took over, but the nonsense that followed was simply unnecessary. We all take turns (And by we, I don't mean ME AND MUH MOTHAFUCKING CLIQUE, CLIQUE, CLIQUE, I mean literally everyone on this forum.) calling each other's opinions stupid and irrelevant; it's part of the push and pull of discussion and debate on here and is ultimately harmless. It doesn't normally invoke a lashing out of such magnitude, which is why so many other members commented.

    There is absolutely no conspiracy here at all. There is no "elite" group of posters which you go through a baptism of fire to join. Just be intelligent and hilarious and you'll find your way.

    Anyway, I've emailed Peter about the moderator position as I'm sure others have too, so I guess we'll see.
  5. K94


    Anyone complaining about "gorl-talk" needs to get the hell over themselves. It's 100% tongue in cheek. We are all smart people and talking about "snatching weaves" or "dragging" is just our way of joking sometimes. It's not like it's done in every post.

    In conclusion, people make a massive deal out of nothing and just cause more confrontation - the forum is not in a bad state at all. People act like we're discussing the Syrian conflict here and not Nadine Coyle's amazingness.
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  6. RJF


    Oh my God, Someboy is joking about the Vasilios comment.
  7. Well personally the "drag queen" talk can get a *tad* tiresome at times, but it's not a major problem. I think it was definitely much more prominent in the past and it's mostly limited to main girl threads, which don't have intelligent discussion no matter how good your English.
  8. I think it's time to just give me the keys to the kingdom, and make me a moderator already!
  9. RJF


    I'm going to play this off as wit just once, Stratus.
  11. NB: I was also joking.
  12. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I think we should all just agree that Someboy is amazing as a moderator and that criticism of him will not be tolerated.
    RJF should also be made a moderator.
  13. I knew you were!
  14. Oh good.

    Who ever said Off Topic wasn't good for bonding?
  15. There was a point before you joined when it was in every single thread on a horribly constant basis. It was rightly stamped on for the simple reason that many of us didn't understand what the hell was being said! It was like the secret language of the Random Thoughts posters. But it hasn't been quite as bad as it used to be!
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  16. I don't get people being intimidated by the thread...(this is not aimed at anyone specifically, I'm just reading this a lot lately) I'm not ~part of the group~ (heck I even fail to see who exactly is in this group?) But you just post something, maybe someone will reply, maybe they won't. It's the same social aspect as...anything ever. That's how it works in life. You don't go to a party and start complaining to the person who threw it because you didn't instantly make friends. That's not how it just talk to people.

    If I shed a tear for every post of mine that ever got ignored, the sea levels would be 3 feet higher. (I'll never get over people ignoring my amazing story of the taxi driver who believed the illuminati)
  17. If Random Thoughts didn't exist (or the entirety of Off Topic for that matter) then I would spend very little time here.

    Yes I mainly come for the Pop discussion but it's the Off Topic discussion that is so fun and inviting that makes the experience for me.

    It's a great way of getting to know people and is a place to be less serious than the other sections of the forum.

    And this whole "delete the thread first, answer questions (maybe) later" form of moderation needs to be nipped in the bud. How can we change our behaviour if we are not told what we are doing is wrong? Inform us first and give us a chance to change it before swooping in and deleting the thread without warning.
  18. Personally, I find the 'gorl-talk' (can that be it's official name now, please?) vaguely alienating, but that's my problem, not the problem of the people using it, so as long as it's within reason (and by that I probably mean 'used sparingly', but your leeway may vary) I'd never suggest people couldn't use it.

    Do we? And if we do, do we have to? I'm probably over-sensitive (and I'm mindful of someone's comments a couple of pages back that if we can't cope with this this we probably shouldn't be on the internet, which I worry might actually be true of me), but I do wish everyone (in life, I'm not making a point about people on here) could be nicer. I completely understand that much of it may be 'banter' (I hate that word, and I'm not being as denigrating as it might look like I am by using it, I just couldn't think of anything better) and the other party might take it in the spirit it's intended, but on a public forum it does seem to me that this is just what might be making some people think this place is cliquey. But it might just be my own sense of paranoia that makes me feel like an outsider here, so again, I wouldn't want anyone to change because of my oddities.

    Oh, I don't know. I tend find myself siding with the mods in every such debate I see on here, but I don't know what that's worth...
  19. See, here was I thinking I never even went in that thread, but I remember that story. (It was a good anecdote too).
  20. SBK


    But it is really intense and intimidating to members who aren't here posting 100 posts a day.

    I would disagree, it is pretty cliquey it's the same ten people or so posting the same sort of posts.

    I'm not saying the post shouldn't exist, I'm all for it, I just think it's a bit much for some members, and off topic is branded with the same brush. I'd be more open to a varied off topic with new threads popping up more often. It'll be far more inviting for the rest of the board.
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