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Do we really need a Random Thoughts thread? Thoughts.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tribal Spaceman, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. Yes, this is part of what I was trying to say, but failed to do clearly because every sentence I typed seemed to need a caveat of "I'm just a crazy person, what do I know?".
  2. Oh my god, you read it. Thank. you!
  3. I understand people being intimidated. I mean, obviously I'm one of the newer members here, so people don't know me as well as they could, but sometimes it's bit awkward posting during a conversation that others are having. I 'feel' groups here, but that's not a bad thing at all. I'm not complaining about it either. God knows I've posted tons of times in Off-Topic and it got ignored (whatever I don't care, it doesn't matter) but I've also posted and gotten really smart, decent replies from people who have also torn others down.

    I've never experienced anything personally negative, mainly just "Ew you stan for The Saturdays" which is whatever. But I mean... everyone talking about whatever is going on in like, the GAY thread, I go in and don't feel like I should add anything. I constantly feel vulnerable posting, which is my own problem and I'm not pointing fingers, because there are some people here who feel obligated to talk down to others. I assume me being "newish" doesn't help either. Obviously it's something I need to get over myself, but based on the behaviour of some people here it is daunting to post in Off-Topic... Actually I told myself a while back I would stop posting in Off-Topic because I didn't like how some people played in here, but of course Off-Topic is interesting and I enjoy reading and (sometimes) posting.
  4. Against my inner pedant and general obsession with structure and organisation, I don't think I'd like Random Thoughts broken down into a load of topic-specific threads. It'd feel like being at one of those dinner parties where people set the topic of conversation, and I can't think of anything less exciting. The joy of Random Thoughts is that you can pop over there and talk about anything - if I've got something (potentially) interesting to share about accents, I don't need to go and find the 'Accents' thread, I can just pop it in Random Thoughts.

    Obviously there are lots of specific threads that are great (Book Club, Top Answer Game, Insane Crushes now and then, Awkward Moments) but I just think splitting everything out would ruin the dynamic and the liveliness of the forum. It's just a nice place to pop into while you're waiting for someone to respond to your latest Katy Perry critique.

    I also think it's great that the conversation flows quickly. Who cares about 'catching up'? I certainly don't read through everything, I just like to drop in when I'm on. When I'm working it can just be here and there for the odd update, and when I'm off it means there's always something being discussed to save me from my boredom if speculation on the probability of Lady Gaga name-checking Mohammed in her next single doesn't pique my interest.
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  5. I use Random Thoughts as the place to basically just vent and rationalise what I may be thinking on that day/at that moment. I rarely use it as a tool for conversation, but if conversation does crop up its just an added bonus. I do the same with 'Random Pop Thoughts' as well.
  6. Basically it's all RJF's fault, he's the Regina George of the board, and then he will become a mod.
  7. I think it'd be a real shame if random thoughts was gone forever. The thing that separates PJ from other music forums if that I actually like you guys, and most of you aren't so crazy that I feel like it's a hassle to get through your posts. The outside-of-Pop & Justice bits are what keep me coming back for more.

    I have to say as well, I've never, ever felt groups on PJ. Maybe I'm just socially blind, but I've always thought that I could post whatever, whenever without the fear of interrupting someone else. It's just as much your forum as it is theirs.
  8. Also, on the issue of 'cliques': I don't especially feel part of one, though I do feel like I have a number of people on the forum I'd call friends rather than just fellow posters. It's funny that Random Thoughts is seen as an area where people feel excluded, because I could say that same about plenty of threads in Pop & Justice. I rarely have much of a desire to enter the Lady Gaga, Girls Aloud or Sugababes threads, and being the thriving beehives of activity that they are, I feel like it's me that misses out on a lot of discussion and bonding.
  9. I've posted in there a few times and off topic in general it just doesn't feel inviting which makes it intimidating for me. The first time I posted I took the thread too literally posted something really strange thought and then the next I felt like my head had been bit off for posting something stupid. it was something I could have googled but it was a rookie mistake I know now it's just general chat.

    I'm intimidated by threads in Pop & Justice too but I avoid them but I feel I shouldn't have to avoid off topic because it's not directly related to music.

    I'm probably overthinking this way too much.
  10. Lady Gaga threads are quite unpleasant a lot of the time, but I don't see any way of them being resolved. She simply evokes extreme opinions, one way or the other.

    Regarding cliques, I think the seemingly "cliquey" behaviour just stems from some people having remarkably similar taste. If you're constantly visiting the same threads as some people then it would be more odd/rude to just not acknowledge their existence elsewhere at all. All I ever witness/partake-in is the odd bit of verbal sparring, and I rarely (if ever) have seen really distasteful behaviour.

    I agree with having some extra mods (not that there's anything wrong with the ones that we already have!)
  11. BTG


    Agree with every single word.

    The minute you dismantle it into several threads, the atmosphere is gone.
  12. K94


    It makes the forum more human basically. It shows that even though we we strongly disagree about each other's music tastes sometimes and argue about it a lot, at the end of the day we are just people and we can find some sort of common ground through that thread. I'm glad it's been re-opened coz my interest in the forum would have dropped quite considerably.

    My week was very crap last week and people did provide me with laughter so I'm grateful for the thread and the people that frequent it.
  13. Yes to RJF's reign of moderation. Those titties will frighten every damn member into obedience.
  14. K94


    For RJF's health he shouldn't be mod - that head is about to explode any minute~
  15. SBK


    Which is like saying, we're not as interesting unless we're all in the same thread at the same time posting the same thing.

    You can have just as much atmosphere discussing various topics in various different threads. Its about quality not quantity.
  16. K94


    Some of the things talked about aren't worth whole topics though - You only need to look at the current page to see that. It's called Random Thoughts for a reason.
  17. It's also about how comfortable you are. I jumped straight into Random Thoughts pretty much from the get go and haven't looked back. I think it helped me 'fit in' alot quicker.

    For who am I, other than an unstable Bumble Bey, without the 'Random Thoughts' thread?
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  18. Rmx


    I understand what you're saying, but you probably are overthinking it slightly. It takes time getting used to forums in general, though! I've been a member on forums since I was like 12 (I was utterly unbearable but regardless), so I'm sort of used to it now but I totally get where you're coming from!
  19. RJF for President 2013.
  20. Some things. But I think there are definitely a variety of subjects that could quite easily be given threads. Any "majah" news stories people post, for example. And maybe a general advice thread could work. Stuff like that.
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